The high school science project origin to this medieval draconian political response to covid-19


  The high school science project origin to this medieval draconian political response to covid-19.

  Self isolation.

  Locking-down families.

  House arrest.

  Social distancing.

  These the methods currently being used by our governments to ostensibly control the spread of the Wuhan corona virus, have they roots in the Middle Ages.

     That’s right.

  During the black plague, it seemed the only way to avoid becoming one of the 200-million people killed by this virus in Europe, Asia and North Africa was to isolate.

  Avoid all contact with other people.

  Don’t socialize.

  Keep your distance.

  Does this all sound familiar..?

  America has revived a medieval method of mitigating a virus that now clearly has a proven mortality rate no worse than the seasonal flu.

  Congratulations Anthony Fauci… you have set medicine back 700-years.

  But this back to the future, social blood-letting approach to the Wuhan corona virus also has some more recent roots.

  During the bush 43 administration..

   A couple of government doctors looked back at the Dark Ages, and said, hey…that’s our new model for dealing with a pandemic.

  So they borrowed upon what the Italians did in the 14th century.

  Stop living life.

  Eat only to survive… while attempting t, effectively,  wait out the plague.


  These doctors came up with one-half of the model we are using today.

  Don’t go to school.

  Don’t go to work.

  Don’t socialize.

     These doctors only consulted themselves to come up with this plan.

    They didn’t ask for input from economists or psychologists.


  That’s because, like Anthony Fauci, they know better than the rest of us poor suckers.


  I said these doctors came up with one- half the current lockdown shutdown shake-down model that has been imposed on the American people.

  So…what about the other half?

Well, it just so happens ‘it’ is compliments of a high school science experiment.

   i…kid… you…not.

  A sophomore in high school, by the name of Laura Glass.

  She, along with guidance from her scientist father, ran computer models, estimating how people interact, and how often they do it.

  This 14-year-old’s science project estimated that the spread of a virus could be diminished by roughly 90-percent, if people kept their distance from one another.

  In fact, Ms. Glass’s name even appears in the foundational, transformational publication that argues for “forced human separation” and lockdowns.

   Its title is:

  “Targeted ‘social distancing’ designs for Pandemic Influenza.”


  You heard it.

   “Social distancing’.

   Laura Glasses’ high school science experiment is now a key element to the 2006 government document, that today, is serving as the basis for how 330-million Americans are forced to live their lives.

   Astounding, isn’t it.

   Sounds like the plot of a 1980’s moviebox-office ‘bomb’ starring one of the ‘brat pack’.

   Only, its real.


  What does this prove?

  Well, it proves that these theories, embraced by local governments, becoming the basis for what Cuomo and Newsom and Pritzker and Cuomo and Murphy and Wolf have executed and foisted on the residents of these blue states… have very little to do with science and medicine.

   But they have everything to do with computers and politics..

 …and are rooted in throw-back beliefs and practices of a time when prisoners were subjected to torture by the rack and the ‘iron maiden’.

   A medieval draconian response to a virus based on… a high school student’s science project.