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Jake Lang Gives All Glory To God From Solitary Confinement In Washington DC Jail

After being in prison for nearly a year and half - much of it in solitary confinement in the Washington DC jail, for simply trying to save the life of Roseanne Boylan who was beaten to death by Capitol Police officer Lila Morris along with three other patriots killed by police on January 6, instead of bitterness, Jake Lang blesses God for considering him worthy of suffering.

Speaking from the Prison referring the dramatic new movie “The Truth About January 6th” and in a heartbreaking letter to his Godly father, Lang says, “We battle this spiritual warfare by the love of God 

staying grateful and praising God even in the dark days, even when things are stacked against us, He desires our love and worship even when the deck is stacked against us”.

In the dramatic movie, “The Truth About January 6th”, Lang narrates from the Washington DC Prison and with newly released video from individuals at the rally as well Capitol cameras, the story is finally told illustrating how the nearly one million Godly men and women who gathered on the ellipse on January 6 to pray and seek the face of God to save the stolen election, then walked down to the Capitol to provide moral courage and strength for the counting of the electoral votes at which six states had sent alternate electors, a routine process which occurs in every election resulting in certification and when both a Senator and Congressman support a challenge are returned to the states for an additional ten day pause.

The new movie clearly shows how the peaceful crowd surrounded the capitol and Jake Lang and others were literally beaten - four to death by completely out of control Capitol Police officers and in defending those who were being beaten, their actions were turned around to be categorized as violence, when in fact the movie in never seen before footage clearly shows they were simply defending fellow patriots from being beaten to death.

Over 800 Godly men and women have been charged in a completely fraudulent series of arrested the movie clearly shows either for violence which in fact was individuals defending fellow attendees from being beaten to death by the Capitol Police to those charged with trespassing when video clearly shows the Capitol Police inviting people into the Capitol grounds as well as the Capitol itself, in addition to leaving when instructed to by the very same Capitol Hill police.

In contrast to the 537 riots during the summer of 2020 by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA which resulted in over 2 billion dollars of damage, 2,000 injuries of police officers and others, 30 deaths, the only deaths on January 6 were those of Benjamin Phillips,

Ashli Babbit, Roseanne Boylan,

and Kevin Greesom - all killed by the Capitol Hill police.

Lang continues, “It’s like being in the desert where Christ staved off the devil and where angels ministered to him. 

I must cling to my faith and sustained by the word of God and deliverance is possibly by the blood of Christ - no it is assured - staying grateful and praising God in these dark days makes all the difference”

Lang describes a typical day in solitary confinement in the Washington DC jail with the words “It is very cold so I am usually under the blanket worshipping God or listening to praise and worship or sermons on the radio 20 plus hours a day or  in this cell and standing to worship God”.

Most amazing is the dramatically different application of law between those arrested in the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA riots, nearly all of whom were immediately released while 51 Godly individuals remain still in the Washington DC Prison, being held because nearly all of them were the actual witnesses to the slaughter of Benjamin Phillips,

Ashli Babbit, Roseanne Boylan,

and Kevin Greesom all killed by the Capitol Hill Police and over 800 Godly men and women in various stages of trials.

Believers are being asked to go to to watch the movie in full, as well as when in Washington DC to visit the Washington DC Prison at 1901 D. St. SE and circle the Prison at least once honking so the Godly patriots inside can hear and be encouraged.

In addition, every Thursday from 10AM a weekly meeting is held on Capitol Hill to pray for and encourage those still being held as well as provide information on the current status of all in prison as well as the daily court dates so fellow believes can attend and encourage them.

Godly, Jake Lang concludes with the words, “It is about time someone stood up to this evil, because if God is with us who can be against us”, reflecting the scripture in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

To get involved on writing to a J6 prisoner, information on attending an upcoming trial being held throughout the country for one of the 800 Godly men and women arrested and charged and updates on how believers can make a difference [email protected]

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