Help Ben Bergquam


Help Ben Bergquam!

Son of Missionaries and in full time media missions, Ben Bergquam, had just moved to Arkansas with his family when they were hit with a major accident that has left his wife Villa, with a broken pelvis in three places, a fracture of her spine and scapula, with Ben and the two children, Chloe and Olivia, with other injuries.

Ben is best known as a reporter for the Real America News Network, reporting from various parts of the world, and has been in the forefront of standing up to the big tech blockade of news. 

Driving on an electric vehicle, the vehicle flipped and crashed, seriously injuring each of the family members, and thankfully the fire department happened to be across the street which many are crediting with saving even more serious injury.

A longterm missionary family, working in the media ministry, the Bergquam family are in urgent need as most of the expenses for the long surgeries ahead are not covered by insurance and friends have rallied around them to raise the needs to support this precious family.

They are doing much better- praise the Lord, Villa is out of her wheelchair.

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