Have You Signed the Petition Yet?

Have You Signed the Petition Yet?

If you haven’t heard of the petition that Mike Lindell is encouraging everyone to sign to save our country, visit Fix2020First.com (Watch Video). Lindell was given cyber forensic evidence back in Jan. 2021 which validates everything that happened in the 2020 elections. This petition will help to get this evidence to the Supreme Court. 

Mike Lindell dedicated a considerable amount of time validating and verifying this forensic evidence. For a comprehensive review of Lindell’s validation process, be sure to watch the Cyber Symposium series. Until we Fix 2020 First, we will continually be at the mercy of a corrupt political system in which our votes will not count. 

So, we encourage everyone to join the movement to save our country. Go to Fix2020First.com and sign the petition now, if you haven’t already.

Visit https://MyPillow.com/TrumpWon Save up to 66%, use Code: TrumpWon. Support Mike Lindell’s courageous efforts by receiving amazing discounts on his quality products!

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