Have you seen this KSL article? "Election threats reported in Utah, as other states still see ‘unusual’ levels"

A tsunami is coming

KSL recently gave examples of why Utahns’ should be concerned about threats to our election officials. As you read this article, ask yourself, do these examples seem like threats?

Is it really the case that supporting the left's agenda and narrative qualifies these examples as "unusual levels of threats against election officials" that require reporting to the FBI or law enforcement?

You poked my heart.

If your job requires you to work with people, you have most likely experienced similar complaints or situations as those described in this article. This is because people do not always treat each other with respect. Some people even dump their emotional diarrhea on strangers. Yes, it's as bad as it sounds! Inappropriate, rude, emotionally charged language, and benign threats are never fun, but they occur because we interact with other people. Being able to deal with, diffuse, and decipher these situations is essential for success in our society.

To be clear, I do not condone threats and think everyone should treat each other with respect.

Let’s look at a few of these cited examples. Keep in mind that these are apparently the best examples of threats that election officials have received from a couple of people for the entire year of 2022 so far.

Example 1

This particular one. I simply cannot. That is, I cannot stop laughing at what this person was obviously saying and Sherrie Swenson's reaction to it. Who knows, maybe they said this with passion and vigor in their voice. It was worth making a video about.

KSL article clip

Example 2

Ricky Hatch, the Weber County Clerk, provides an example that seems taken out of context. Maybe the journalist did a poor job of reporting, but I cannot find anything threatening or a justification for Hatch to call law enforcement because the caller’s message said he would “show you what I’ve got.” To me, it is clear the caller is referring to whatever the complaint is about. I do not see how leaving a message that you will come in on Thursday to the clerk’s office if you do not get a callback is a threat. It seems petty and ridiculous. The Weber County Clerk’s Office is a public facility specifically designed for in-person county services.

weber clip

Is this how we now handle complaints that get a little heated in the moment?

These examples appear to be the very reason the founders wrote the First Amendment: to protect us from government and government officials' retaliation, overreach, abuse, and unjust censorship.

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