Haiti Needs Help



In its 101st emergency operation since 1951, The World Helpline announces “Operation Haiti” to assist in the disastrous 7.2 Magnitude  

With nearly 1,000 deaths, over 7,000 injured and over 80,000 homeless in initial estimates, expected to grow dramatically once the full devastation is understood, it reminded all of the terrible earthquake of 2010 in which over 270,000 lost their lives.

Having been to most major disasters over the past 70 years,  since 1951, leveraging a worldwide network of Churches and volunteers,  the World Helpline has been to earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, refugee and related incidents ranging from Turkey to Iraq to China to the Philipines to Japan and nearly 40 countries to date - usually one of the first on site and one of the last to leave.

The World Helpline is in urgent need of emergency supplies including water, canned and instant food, tents, sleeping bags, basic toiletries, soap, shampoo, used iPhones for communication and donations of airline miles.

Working with local partners, supplies are urgently needed to provide for survivors without homes, basic necessities and in condition with local Churches to provide on site direct assistance.



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