Hacking America: How People Have Been Ignoring the Issue for Years

Hacking America: How People Have Been Ignoring the Issue for Years

Ever have the feeling of your heart dropping and stomach-churning? Well, that is probably what you’ll get after watching the full video of Hacking America's Computerized Voting Machines. Although people are hyper-focused on the 2020 election fraud, there needs to be a focus on how the fraud happened. Voting machines should be the standard of high security. Yet, the reality is quite the opposite. Turns out people have been capable of hacking America for years! Great….

History of Hacking

You can already predict what people are going to say:

People have been hacking America for years!? No way!

To clarify, there hasn’t been absolute proof in the past but that will be explained further in this article. However, it is clear that our voting systems have been vulnerable for a long while. In fact, it is because of studies done in 2016 that provide there were huge problems (thank you, Trump Derangement Syndrome). At the time, people were recounting unusual events that have been occurring since 2000.

In 2000, a county experienced something very odd. On election night, the voting machine that was tallying the votes for Al Gore and George W. Bush began to act up. Up until that point, Al Gore was in the lead. However, at 10 pm, the votes for the presidential election began to reverse. All of a sudden, Al Gore was down 16,000 votes in a precinct that did not have 16,000 voters. This oddity was brushed off as a failure on the memory chip, ignoring the fact two were uploaded to the machine. This incident got no attention at the time, leaving it a forgotten mistake.

There was also a 2004 incident, where John Kerry and other officials were concerned about the machines in Ohio. During this time, Kerry asked for the algorithm information on the tabulation machines to see if they were functioning properly. There were many issues that included adding votes, reversal of votes, and ballots having no presidential candidates on them. However, Kerry and other constituents were denied because it was protestant software. Needless to say, there are many unusual cases out there. But why? How on Earth can America’s voting machines be manipulated like this?

Internet Connection

Although the attempts to frame Trump for election fraud were exhausting, many scientists actually brought up major cyber security issues with our machines. First of all, all voting machines are connected to the internet. Voting machine makers argued this was not the case, however, it isn’t true. All voting machines have modems, particularly mobile phone modems. Just to make it clear cellular modems are connected to the internet.

Kim Zetter, a cybersecurity specialist, states that even in company diagrams it is clear that these modems use the internet for transmission. This process is not secure because you can trick the cellular transmission into allowing someone to dial in. As a result, people are capable of accessing the results and the machine itself. Furthermore, many of these connections are done a week in advance, giving a week for people to dial into the machine. However, no internet does not mean that voting machines are secure.

All it Takes is a Memory Card

Andrew Appel, a Princeton University professor in computer science, told the House oversight subcommittee that hacking a voting machine (specifically Dominion) is easy. You don’t need to be a genius, all you need is a memory card. Turns out the easiest way to compromise a voting machine is to upload a new code.

All voting machines are programmed via memory cards before the election. All of these memory cards tell the machine the conditions, candidates, and how to tabulate. If someone wanted to manipulate an election, all they would have to do is upload a new code or software to the machine. Depending on what is coded, the machine will follow new directions. Furthermore, the program can act like a virus affecting fleets of voting machines Most of all, it is perfectly within reach.

Most voting machines arrive on voting sites in advance and are checked on site. As a result, it is easy to access these machines without raising suspicions. All you need is tools and a compromised memory card. The worst part is that all of these machines have programs that have not changed for years!

Voting Machines Have Not Changed

Harri Hursti says that one of the biggest issues with voting machines is that their program has not changed. Despite newer models coming out, their functionality does not vary. As a result, the same vulnerable programs are given to the public every election. One of the biggest faults is that voting machines are not able to notify anyone that the system is compromised.

Furthermore, the machines are not able to keep forensic records. Meaning that the machines are incapable of telling people that it has some serious issues. This is a complete failure in design! What kind of person does not program a record system for the most important machines in the United States! This is just another level of incompetence that basically builds practical avenues for local and foreign actors to manipulate our election with no records!

Return to Paper Ballot

These issues do not apply to just voting machines. Registration, Tallying, and any other system can be manipulated. However, at the moment, the only viable method for a secure vote is paper ballots. The fact that this has not been on the news as an overall problem is ridiculous. This is a bipartisan issue! It definitely is an extensional crisis in the democratic part of our nation.

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