The greatest political conspiracy to defeat a sitting president while destroying God-given liberty in United States history

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The prophetic piece was written in May 2020!

The greatest political conspiracy to defeat a sitting president while destroying God-given liberty in United States history.

  The completely orchestrated blue state governors and mayors working on concert with their fellow radicals at the federal level in Washington DC, found their political nuclear bomb in the Wuhan corona virus.

  Impeachment, just did not resonate enough with the American people.

  Not nearly enough americans were paying attention when adam Schiff weaponized the House intel committee in order to politically attack president trump by abusing for partisan gain the united states constitution.

  Most Americans tuned-out when Jerry Nadler took to the floor of the Senate to mislead the American people that Donald Trump had committed an impeachable offense.

  Oh, but convenience the American people that a bug was going to get them…

 Scare the public into believing that the Wuhan corona virus was going to sweep through neighborhoods like the black plague…

   …and then suddenly, folks were paying attention.

   And that is when Cuomo and Newsom and Pritzker and Wolf and Whitman and northan and murphy and cooper and Inslee and CT… all seized the moment.

  These blue state governors are doing with a virus what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer could not do with the United States Constitution.

   They manipulated reality for the purpose of harming president trump.

 They took a once vibrant United States economy, and trashed it.

   They used the virus as an excuse to shut-down their economies, transforming on a dime the lowest  and best unemployment rate in history into depression-era job losses.

   The governors of these blue states looked at each other and realized that – together - they control about one-third of the U.S. gross domestic product…with California and new York serving as ideological and political bookends in a partisan scheme to facilitate a defeat of President Trump, on November 3.

  Sound fantastic?

  Unreal, that politicans would go so far as to trigger a recession or depression, negativelt affecting millions of American lives, for the slel purpose of political gain.

  Sounds impossible in America.


 Well, its I  not.

  Its not coincidence that Newsom sounds like Pritzker who sounds like Northan who sounds like Cuomo.

  They are all working together.

   They are all using the same playbook….and it’s this:

  Scare the tar out of people so badly that they give up their constitutional rights.

  Then demand from President trump everything from PPE’s and ventilators to a federal bailout.

  And when people die, then they blame the president through their co-conspirators in the mainstream media.

 These phonies never take responsibility for any of their own mismanagement of this bug.


  They only blame the president.

 And so, they are going to push this political scheme as far and as long as possible.

   They’ve got way too much invested

They’ve got too many Americans capitulating.

  They tasted far too much power, to simply relinquish it.

  This in spite of the numbers and the facts literally ‘screaming’ that this entire partisan, state-level response to the Wuhan corona virus is completely unwarranted.

   These radical governors keep moving the goal-posts.

   When criteria for re-opening that gets met, they simply set new ones.

  Gavin Newsom first said he’s relinquish his strangle-hold when hospitals were cleared from the coming surge of corona virus patients.

   But the surge never came.

   So now, he’s requiring the impossible – zero covid-19 deaths during a 14-day period before any of the 58 counties is able to re-open for business, limited at that.

   Similar requirements in Illinois…and New York… and New jersey.

   That’s because they’re all working together.


  They are working in unison, not to protect the public.

  Not to stop the spread of the Wuhan corona virus.

  But, to alter the course of political history.

  Their goal is to crash the economy, and keep it crashed through summer in order to harm the re-election chances of Donald Trump, as they perpetuate greatest political conspiracy to defeat a sitting president in United States history.

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