The Great American Reset is Here - Prophetic Warning for 2024


There was a sign in 2017 called the Great American Solar Eclipse— it was the first total solar eclipse crossing the US in 100 years and it crossed on August 21st, 2017. Solar eclipses are often a bad omen for the Gentile nations whereas lunar eclipses are generally linked to what happens in Israel. I stood and preached in Houston, Texas on that day, and only a few days after, the greatest and most costly hurricane went through Texas and even flooded the venue where I stood preaching.

On April 8th, 2024 there will be a second total solar eclipse crossing the US and the paths of both eclipses will make a criss-cross or a cross over the US. This looks like a bad sign for the US that unless they repent of killing 60 million babies, the secularism and the affront and blasphemy against God’s name that has gone on too long… Americans must wake up. 

The middle point between these two eclipses is a significant date— another solar eclipse on December 14th 2020, the day that the Electoral College cast their votes. Listen to more:

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