The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Lawsuit.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Lawsuit.

The bad

On November 8th 2022 the voters of State of Illinois went to the polling places to vote on a Proposed Constitution Amendment to be added to their State Constitution.

When the voters went to vote on the Proposed Constitution Amendment and they found that there was


 of the Proposed Amendment on their ballot. The voters were asked to vote YES  or NO on “ Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution” not the text of the proposed amendment.

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Five concerned patriots  said this is not right. How can we vote on something we can’t even read they asked? The group felt that this was very wrong. How could you vote on something when they don’t let you read what may affect the lives of so many with the new Constitution Amendment.

 These patriots were from the Illinois Cause of America and Illinois Freedom Alliance groups.

They  filed a complaint with the Illinois State Board of Elections on November 19th 2022, stating that the Proposed Constitution Amendment election contest was not done properly. The ballot did not have the text of the proposed amendment on the ballot and that even the ballot was designed wrong. The Board was advised to NOT CERTIFY  the election because of these issues. The voters were not given what was needed to for them to decide such an important question. If you were ever in front of a Kangaroo Court, you know their response.


The group started looking at the election laws of the state of Illinois, as well as looking deeply at the State Constitution for how the process of the vote was to be. In the Constitution they found that it said that the “Proposed Amendment SHALL be presented to the voters to decide. Hmmm…. it did not say that the voter were to be presented with “ Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution” to vote on.


The group also found that there were laws that supported their concerns that the text should be on the ballot. In the statutes they found that 5 ILCS 20/ The Constitution Amendment Act supported the Illinois Constitution and explicitly states in Section 4 of the act: “ At the election, the proposed amendment and explanation SHALL be printed upon the separate ballot in accordance with the provisions of Section 16-6 of "An Act concerning elections".


The group even found that within the laws and statutes that the Proposed Constitution ballot must be labeled “Constitution Ballot”. The group went out and requested sample ballots from 108 Election Jurisdictions. They did not find one sample ballot was labeled “Constitution Ballot” that is required by the laws of Illinois.

The Lawsuit

On January 4th,2023, The five concerned patriots joined together and filed a Verified Election Contest Petition with the 19th Judicial  Circuit Court of Lake County . The case number # 23 MR 5 a petition for relief was filed on the last day available after the Election Contest for the Proposed Constitution Amendment was certified by the Illinois State Board of Elections. The group is not requesting much, just a fair election where the voters know what they are voting on. They are requesting that this election be nullified and redone again properly in the future.

The case is moving towards a hearing on May 31st 2023. The five patriots from Cause of America and Illinois Freedom Alliance

are waiting for the Attorney General to respond to their petition.

The ugly

The Attorney General of Illinois is between a rock and a hard spot. The Attorney General was elected by the voters to protect them. However, the Attorney General must respond to the Verified Election Contest Petition by law.

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Does the Attorney General defend the issues for the state with a motion to dismiss or does he stand aside and not defend  what is obviously wrong.  

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