Georgians Demand Action!


Since May, 2021, members of Preserve Georgia Rights and the Georgia Patriots Grassroots Organization have made repeated attempts to contact and engage with elected members of the Georgia State Legislature and elected officials of Georgia's Executive branch to share the concerns of Georgia voters with them regarding fairness and transparency in Georgia's elections process. To date, not even one of these elected officials has been willing to hear, to respond, or to engage with the concerns of the People. To date, the People of Georgia have been uniformly ignored by Georgia's elected officials. The grievances of the People of Georgia have received no redress.

On Friday, February 18, 2022, the People of Georgia will make their eighth attempt to deliver to the members of the Georgia State Legislature and Executive branch signed copies of Notices and Affidavits detailing the concerns of the People of Georgia. Among these will be the Notice Detailing Willful Maladministration in Georgia and the Notice in Support of Affidavit of Demand to Decertify Election Results in Georgia. You, too, can help to convey the voice of the People of Georgia by clicking on these links and completing the digital forms.

In addition to delivering several boxes filled with the concerns of Georgia voters, Preserve Georgia Rights and the Georgia Patriot Grassroots Organization will co-host the Grassroots Freedom Fest in Liberty Plaza across from the Capitol from 11am to 1pm (EST). The purpose of this event is to give grassroots candidates of the 2022 election cycle the opportunity to speak publicly about their platforms and their own concerns about the state of elections in Georgia. As is also true across much of America, the mainstream media outlets in Georgia have chosen to ignore the existence of grassroots candidates altogether. This event will allow grassroots candidates the opportunity to meet with their constituents and to network with one another in an open-air public space.

For more information regarding the Grassroots Freedom Fest, click here.

To visit the Preserve Georgia Rights website for additional information regarding Notices and Affidavits, click here.

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