Georgia Motion Filed to Inspect Fulton County Mail-in Ballots

Georgia Motion Filed to Inspect Fulton County Mail-in Ballots

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Election integrity activist, retired information technology professional, and co-founder of VoterGA Garland Favorito filed a motion with Henry County Superior Court Chief Judge Brian Amero last week to immediately start the process of inspecting ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, from the 2020 presidential election. 140,000 ballots are the subject of inspection for the case in which Favorito will be leading.

The Atlanta Journal reported that digital scans made public in compliance with Georgia law, showed that 200 ballots were scanned twice last fall before the recount which included a write-in vote for rapper Kanye West. VoterGa made this discovery along with additional evidence that was identified as “massive” fraud in Fulton County after reviewing ballot data. VoterGa’s analysis found 923 of 1,539 mail-in ballot batch files which were incorrectly reported.

Pandora’s Box has been opened! The obvious facts are clear that the presidential 2020 election was riddled with fraud. And now, months after the fraudulent election, 28 other counties have either refused or failed to respond to an Open Records Request, according to the Atlanta Civic Circle!

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