Free Speech, Free Elections & FrankSpeech Matter

Free Speech, Free Elections & FrankSpeech Matter

The world is always changing. For better or for worse. Change makes it easy to forget about what is important, especially in politics. Politics is divisive. People are so focused on their own sides that they want to actively throw away fundamental rights. It is the reason why FrankSpeech exists. Fundamental rights like free speech and free elections need to be honored and preserved. 

Free Speech: The Foundation of America

Since the beginning of the United States of America, freedom of speech has been considered an inalienable right. The 1st Amendment of the Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. Freedom of speech applies to direct expression (speaking) or symbolic expression (actions). 

Yet, people have actively tried to restrict this fundamental right. Some forms of speech like obscenities and fighting words are less or not protected by the First Amendment. Colleges started implementing free speech zones on campus, inferring that free speech is only allowed in one area. These restrictions were bordering on violating the First Amendment. However, the restrictions are now focusing on wrong thinking. Like it or not, social media platforms have a bias and it is very clear that the government’s suggestions on speech restrictions are being more dictated than asked. 

As a result, social media has begun policing what is said online. People who expressed certain opinions were banned from platforms for violating terms of service. Anything that went against what the mainstream believed was taken down. However, it only selected a handful of people; mostly conservatives and some independents. This only got worse after 2020, when free and fair elections were truly brought into question

Free and Fair Elections Need to Be Protected

In order for a democratic republic to survive, free and fair elections are essential. People need to be reassured that their vote matters on the state and federal levels. That everyone is represented fairly. For a long time, paper ballots were the only way an election could be conducted. Now, in the modern age, many people were eager to use the latest technology to vote. Some for convenience, others for reasons that are not so benign.

Voting Machines Are a Problem

Voting machines do not guarantee free or fair elections. In fact, they put them at risk. For years, scientists have stated that voting machines have major vulnerabilities that can undermine election results. Yet, nothing had been done about it. In fact, reports about these problems were suppressed until recently. 

The 2020 election wasn’t the first time that election integrity was brought into question. However, it was the most consequential. Unusual voting statistics, witness testimonies about unusual activities, and other accounts made a large portion of citizens question the legitimacy of the election.  Instead of trying to quell these concerns with a complete investigation, anyone or any organization that questioned it was dismissed. Worse yet, they were attacked from all angles. Most caved from extreme government and media pressure. As a result, the election was certified.

You would be hard pressed to find a republican or independent that doesn’t believe that our government hasn’t been a disaster since then.

FrankSpeech Matters 

It’s been over a year since Mike Lindell conceived and then created the FrankSpeech platform. Without going into all the details we can simply be thankful and not quit. We can’t quit. The forces against free speech and free elections are still working hard. However, those forces have been put on notice. Thanks to Mike and all the voices brought together through FrankSpeech a lot of eyes will be on the 2022 Midterms.

There’s still a lot of work to do and FrankSpeech along with the newly integrated FrankSocial stand ready to make sure all voices can be heard freely. The midterms are critical, but 2024 looms on the horizon and will be the most important election in our country’s history. They must be legitimate.

The Moment of Truth

Mike Lindell will be hosting the “Moment of Truth Summit.” A 48-hour non-stop live streaming event on Aug 20th & 21st 2022. Why is this so important and why should everyone sign on? We have to secure our elections and do everything we can to terminate the voting machines. There will be 50 speakers from all 50 states. What better way to show that you too are on guard? Be sure to download the FrankSpeech App to watch it from anywhere!

Mike Lindell was canceled and then ignored. He found out that so many other conservative influencers, media personalities, and everyday American citizens were too. Guided by his faith and using considerable personal resources, he started FrankSpeech and Lindell TV. Please share his passion and join this fight because Free Speech, Free Elections, and FrankSpeech really do matter. 

The Moment of Truth

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