FrankSpeech & Lindell-TV Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary

FrankSpeech & Lindell-TV Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary

On April 19th, 2022, we celebrated an entire year of FrankSpeech and Lindell-TV! It has been an entire year since was launched. Through 2021 and into 2022, the creators of FrankSpeech & Lindell-TV have been working hard to deliver the truth that the mainstream is too scared to say. For this special occasion, Lindell-TV has a 2 hours show featuring special guests to talk about the One Year Anniversary and its future. 

Special Guests

It's not a celebration without guests! Brannon Howse brought on ten different guests to appear on screen for this amazing moment. All of these people have been on FrankSpeech sometime in the last year and hold a special place in FrankSpeech and Lindell-TV's success. See and hear from these special guests:

This all-star cast brought a lot of different thoughts and ideas to FrankSpeech this past year. Food quality, voting integrity, spike proteins in vaccines, religion, culture war, education, Isalm, and so much more. Without a doubt, and Lindell-TV have shined bright because of these individuals.

Brannon Howse & Mike Lindell Hit the Highlights

Associate producer, writer, and contributor on FrankSpeech Leo Hohman kick it off with congratulations to Mike Lindell and Brannon on the one-year anniversary.  Then, Mike Lindell comes on and in typical fashion leads with some breaking news. Two more counties in Nevada just voted to go machine free! Mike is covering that his Lindell-TV show. Stay tuned, 40+ down and more to go!

Brannon and Mike then proceed to go down the litany of milestones, highlights, and events that you would think impossible to manage in a single year.

The Frank-A-Thon, Rallys, Four Movies in the Absolute Series, Trump Interview, Cyber Symposium, and of course Jimmy Kimmel. Listen up, because that was just the beginning!

Guest Celebrating FrankSpeech

Throughout the show, each guest shared their opinion about FrankSpeech and how important it is. Many of our guests have faced censorship from the mainstream media. This also includes “conservative” news outlets like FOX News and Newsmax. 

Anni Cyrus, one of the behind the scene gurus and a new show host on FrankSpeech got to experience censorship first hand. Cyrus was invited onto FOX news to talk about Islam. However, she refused to use the term “radical Islam,” because that is not accurate to her life experience. Everything was set up, including plane tickets and hotel. However, the news organization canceled last minute because she would not comply. Anni knows that won’t happen on Lindell-TV and FrankSpeech.

Many of our guests have faced the same treatment. Although Karen Kingston, a former Phizer employee, had information on patents for man-made spike proteins, nobody made contact with her. This also applies to the FrankSpeech darlings, Diamond and Silk. These two were amongst the first three invited to join FrankSpeech. Diamond and Silk are always speaking the truth, which apparently irritates other news outlets. However, we love these ladies for breaking the status quo!

Ben, Tom & Ted

Ben Carson gave a big congratulation to Frank during our celebration. The renowned doctor complimented the grit that this broadcast coming has when facing opposition and threats. According to Carson, FrankSpeech is extraordinary and it will lead to many others in the future. 

Tom Littleton reminisces about being in the room when the name FrankSpeech was chosen. This moment stuck with Littleton and is proud of how far the platform has come. Meanwhile, Ted Nugent who is always fun, expressed that FrankSpeech embodied the ideals of truth, logic, and common sense. And, Biden won’t take his guns!

Some guests talked about the importance of FrankSpeech during this time. For Leo Hohmann, Frank allows people to talk about taboo subjects that are forbidden by the mainstream media. The same sentiment was shared by Daniel Greenfield, who stated that FrankSpeech was necessary because the establishment keeps the topic censored and reduces the chances for real change. 

A New Year & FrankSocial!

Mike and Brannon ended their intro segment announcing a lot of new shows just starting on Lindell-TV and FrankSpeech. The Entrepreneur Show, Roger Stone, Anni Cyrus, and Sheronna Bishop to name a few. More and more voices will be added in our second year. With the 2022 midterms coming there couldn’t be a more important time to launch our new, true social media network.

FrankSocial,  Mike Lindell’s new social media network, is now live! FrankSocial is a place where people who hate being censored can be by the big tech social media like Facebook and Twitter.  There are so many cool features on the new platform and where all your favorites from FrankSpeech can be followed, shared, and engaged with. At this moment, you can go to FrankSocial right now and set up your own account today!

As you can tell, FrankSpeech has become a special place for the audience and guests alike. However, this is just the beginning. There’s a lot of work to do and things to need to be said and heard! Unfortunately, most of the media (virtually all the “mainstream” media) won’t present the message. That is why FrankSpeech, Lindell-TV (and the new Lindell-TV2), and FrankSocial will truly be the Voice of Free Speech in the years ahead.

Thank you, Mike!

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