FDA Cuts Corners to Approve Pfizer Vaccine Despite Poor Clinical Trial Results

FDA Cuts Corners to Approve Pfizer Vaccine Despite Poor Clinical Trial Results

Every American should question the FDA’s Monday approval of the Pfizer vaccine! It only takes common sense to see that the FDA’s latest scheme is purely political. With the Biden administration threatening the enforcement of mandates, it’s no coincidence that the FDA has moved to approve an experimental vaccine which currently has no effect on preventing the vaccinated from contracting the China virus!

Left-wing media pundits are chomping at the bits inside their echo chambers with chimes of “vaccine mandates.” Oh, and we can’t forget about the cries for booster shots! And we must also address the Biden’s regime's efforts to force all active-duty military members to get the jab amidst the already weak stance evident by the Afghanistan fiasco! 

With the “Imposter and Thief” Biden now in office, you can expect a trilogy of draconian mandates following the FDA’s political decision to approve the Pfizer vaccine. Never in the history of FDA vaccine approvals have a vaccine been so quickly approved. The average time for vaccine approvals was once 3 years. Even the inventor of the mRNA technology used in producing the vaccine is speaking out against the FDA’s rash approval.

This political approval by the FDA comes in the face of poor clinical trial tests, according to a study by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). Not only did the FDA skip several mandatory studies that should have taken place before full approval of the vaccine, but the FDA also turned over the responsibility to conduct necessary vaccine trials to vaccine manufacturers, according to one news source

Wake up people! We are in the midst of a nefarious political agenda which involves our very survival!


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