Fact or Fake: a country divided


by Get Involved Utah

A short time ago families gathered to celebrate our countries Independence from a centralized government that used its power to control the population.  The United States would not have become the country it did without the people’s desire for a decentralized government that ensures independence with inherent freedoms at its core.   

Like generations before us, Americans are in an ideology fight over the direction of our country—a decentralized system with individual rights and freedoms vs. a global system with centralized control over individuals.  Today’s ideological differences become clearer as the left or globalists move beyond a zero tolerance for opposing views to deciding you are a threat for your opposing views.

I disagree with misinformation” can be rephrased as “Everything I disagree with is misinformation

As I spend time with the people throughout Utah, I start to realize the projected outrage and division gap pushed by media and government does not match what is happening on the ground.  A survey from AP-NORC about a week ago finds a staggering 85% of Americans believe the country “is headed in the wrong direction”.  85%? When was the last time America had an 85% agreement on anything?  Not convince yet.  Try this—the same survey shows  78% of Democrats say the country is headed in the wrong direction.  That is only a narrow 14% difference which is between the opposing parties.   

This closing gap is also seen with specific issues, such as the economy.  In contrast, election issues remain split between Democrats and Republicans.  Last week a Rasmussen poll reported that around 50% of voters think cheating likely happened in 2020 and will happen again this November. 

The July 2022 Rasmussen Reports poll goes deeper into this divide finding that: “Among voters who Strongly Approve of Biden’s performance as president, just nine percent (9%) think it is more important to prevent cheating in elections while 88% believe making it easier for everybody to vote is more important. By contrast, among voters who Strongly Disapprove of Biden’s performance, 92% say it’s more important to prevent cheating in elections and just seven percent (7%) think making it easier for everybody to vote is more important.”   According to Rasmussen poll Utah is indeed conservative on this election issue.  An August 2021 Big Data of Utah showed 81% of Utah voters believe that election integrity is more important than convenience.

That leaves one question—why are all the poll gaps closing on many hot issues, but election issues remain split?  Is this a direct result of the MSM efforts to manipulate the election narrative?  What about the NGOs embedded into our election offices, both state and federally, around the nation?  Even the DHS has joined the efforts by releasing A National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin to classify those questioning the 2020 November Election as a domestic threat. 
Recently the Brennan Center for Justice started a campaign to influence the 2022 primary elections by listing candidates they determine are a threat to election administration on the ballot in swing states.  More specifically will be in offices that have executive decision making and administrative roles in the 2024 presidential election.  The Brennan Center classifies these candidates as being afflicted with election denial as follows:  

Like many, I am confused by those who accept an election denial narrative.  How could anyone witness the 2020 November Election without questions?  Why is a hard line being drawn that people, or in this case, candidates, who ask questions or ask to verify the 2020 November Election results are in denial?  Could it be a “they always accuse you of what they do” example?  That may be part of it.  I believe the heart of the narrative by the MSM, Brennan Center, EAC, DHS-CISA, EAC, Democracy Fund, and others is about agenda.  It is about power.  It is about money.  It is about control.  Pushing the election denial narrative is key to their success in controlling who runs our elections.

CLICK to WATCH Biden emphatically say it is about who counts the vote during comments in January 2022 about proposed election legislation. 

I disagree with the election denial narrative.  These candidates are seeking election verification--asking for transparency to verify election results with independent analysis. 

​Are the attempts to force Americans to choose a corner in the election ideological battle working?  Or, is it actually working against them?  I guess time will tell.

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