Exclusive: FBI Surrounds Mike Lindell and Takes Cell Phone!

Exclusive: FBI Surrounds Mike Lindell and Takes Cell Phone!

Mike Lindell had a shocking encounter with the FBI on Tuesday morning. Mr. Lindell was surrounded by agents and served a subpoena for information and had his cell phone taken from it. So, what happened during Lindell’s encounter with the FBI? Were they going to ask for proof of voting machine manipulation? Sadly not. Here is an account of this unusual encounter taken directly from the Lindell Report exclusive Tuesday night.

The FBI Encounter

On Tuesday morning, Mike Lindell and his friends were returning from an early hunting trip in Iowa. A brief reprieve from running his five companies.  However, Lindell had no idea that stopping for a bite at Hardee’s would change his entire day. While ordering in the drive-through, his car was surrounded by three different vehicles. The first thing that he said to his friends was:

 “This is either bad guys or the FBI.”

It did not take long for Lindell’s suspicions to be confirmed as a man approached the car disclosing that they were the FBI. After proving their identity, Lindell eagerly asked if he was going to be arrested. At that moment, the agents just wanted to ask questions; much to his disappointment. 

The FBI agents started by asking him questions about Mesa, Colorado, Dominion, Tina Peters, and Doug Frank. However, this was only a prelude to what the agents actually wanted. Lindell was given a subpoena and was told that he needed to hand over his cell phone. His reply?  “Are you kidding me? You are not getting my phone.”

Grand Jury Subpoena #22-105

When someone owns five companies and has a busy schedule, a cell phone is an important item. Especially for Mike Lindell, who uses the phone for everything, even to operate his hearing aids. There had to be a good reason for the FBI to want his cell phone, right? So, what did they want from his phone? 

According to the Grand Jury Subpoena, this was part of an official criminal investigation of a suspected felony from the Federal Grand Jury in the District of Colorado. The document instructed Lindell to keep silent about the subpoena as it could “interfere with their investigation.” That of course wasn’t going to happen with Mike Lindell.

 In the seizure document it had the FBI seizing Lindell’s phone for four things: 

  1. All records and information relating to damage to any Dominion computerized voting system, including any impairment to, or attempt to impair, the integrity or availability of data, a program, a system, or information
  2. All records and information relating to BIOS on any Dominion computerized voting system, including any modification to, or attempt to modify, a BIOS setting 
  3. All records and information relating to the attachment of any peripheral to any Dominion computerized voting system, including any USB flash storage drive or other external storage media
  4. All records and information relating to the operation of any Optical Disc Drive on any Dominion computerized voting system, including the use or attempted use of CDs or DVDs to run software

In addition to seizing the cell phone, Lindell was given the summons to testify in a District of Colorado in early November. 

Give Them Your Phone!

Mike Lindell asked and was allowed to contact his lawyer. The attorney advised him to hand over the phone. After Lindell asked if he would be arrested if he declined, the attorney pressed his point. Subsequently, Mike reluctantly complied. However, the conversation didn’t end there because Mike Lindell had a lot to say.

Weaponizing the FBI

Throughout the entire encounter, the agents stated that they were doing their jobs. Yet, Lindell asked them if they were aware that they were being weaponized against American citizens, like Sherrona Bishop. When the businessman asked the FBI why they didn’t just kick down his door as they did with Bishop, the agents said that she didn’t answer the door. Mind you, Bishop didn’t answer for 35 seconds before they busted down the door and dragged her half-dressed daughter out of the house. 

Find It on FrankSpeech

Furthermore, all of this is being done to prosecute Tina Peters, who saved and proved that there was something wrong with the Dominion machines and that there needs to be a recount. To add insult to injury, this entire encounter was unnecessary. All of the information that agents were looking for is on FrankSpeech! Inside the Machine and Bombshell Proof has all Mesa, Colorado information and more. At this point, it is hilarious to think that Lindell would keep silent about the overt abuse and corruption, let alone the subpoena.

Click Here for a full account of this exclusive. 

FBI takes phone

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