ERIC, The Largest Components of The National Voter Fraud Issue


ERIC, The Largest Components of The National Voter Fraud Issue

By  April 16th, 2022

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April 16, 2022

How the ERIC Beast is Fed And How Your Community Can Starve It

The Electronic Registration Information Center, ERIC, is one of the largest components of the national voter fraud issue. The more I learn about ERIC and the action of its 30 member states, the more sure I am that the construct of the organization was designed for it, with words of plausible deniability, of course.

Massive lists of human data are required of each member state, to be submitted to ERIC’s centralized computers. Because of the way the data is gathered and sorted, the names of millions of people who are ineligible to vote are automatically on the lists. This is how the beast gets fed.

Be patient for a few paragraphs of review. If you have already read up on the ERIC beast, this may be redundant, but everyone will need to understand these details in order to be effective against the perpetrators of the system in your community.

We know that ERIC requires that bi-monthly updates of each states’ voter rolls, and motor vehicle records be submitted to its centralized AI system. These records necessarily include the names of ineligibles along with citizens because of the sources of the list given to ERIC – the DMV and Dept of Elections, where the voter rolls may not have been culled for years.

The DMV issues learner’s permits to youth who are not of voting age and drivers licenses to illegals. It also, in most states, issues ID cards to those without driving licenses, including illegals. Green card holders are – by definition – not citizens of the US, yet most have licenses to operate motor vehicles, so they appear on the lists provided to ERIC as well. All of these names are then mixed with USPS address data and Social Security death records from the state.

While each state is mandated, by ERIC membership requirements, to reach out and register people from these lists, no rule actually requires culling of ineligible names.

All of the 30 member states offer some form of identification to people who are not qualified to vote, whether in the form of driving licenses or identification cards. These names end up on the ERIC lists, I believe, by design.

SO, as I understand it, here’s the recipe for how the Beast gets fed.


♦ rolls of registered voters, then, add
♦ holders of drivers’ licenses, plus
♦ green card holders, plus
♦ ID cards issued to illegals and other “undocumented”
♦ underaged driver and work permit applicants. Stir in
♦ all names at postal addresses, then flavor it with
♦ Social Security death lists.

This creates amazing fodder to fill the belly of the ERIC beast. The end-product (what comes out) more resembles the end product of the human digestive system (aka, excrement), than it ever could, legitimate voter rolls. As with the human byproduct, ERIC lists stink, and must be flushed.

The only way to stop the Beast is to stop feeding it. There is where local citizens groups come in.

The only way to stop the Beast is to stop feeding it. There is where local citizens groups come in. Activists in each community need to confront state officials and let them know that YOU know about the fraud created by ERIC constructs, and demand their state withdraw from membership.Some may know about the fraud, and are in it for that reason. Others may just be using ERIC so that they have the mandatory voter rolls called for by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. Others may have given their souls to staying in office, and will side with whomever screams the loudest. Let that be the citizen activist, or we may forever be forced to hold our peace.

Here’s what to do to get started: (because the officials will need the fraud “in their faces” to listen)

1. Work with a group of like-minded people, from your church, family, club or neighborhood, who care about losing their country. Make sure everyone has a basic understanding of what ERIC is, and how it operates, and why it is so dangerous to our
freedoms, to voters from all sides.

2. Know your election officials in your county, and contact them. Tell them WHY you are calling/writing. Not just with a single contact, but by repeated phone calls and emails. Learn
how much time you will have to alter the rolls before the next election, in which you will be able to work. This varies by state.

3. Demand to be provided the voter rolls in your area, county or municipality. It is your legal right to have them, per the NVRA of 1993. Make sure they know that you know this. Don’t give your election officers long to produce, and don’t accept any excuses as to how long it will take them, or how short-handed they are, or whatever. In this case patience is NOT a virtue. You are facing a short time line, which for most states is 90-days before a federal election, in which the voter lists may not be altered – even if they contain thousands of ineligible voters. Contact your officials daily if necessary, until you receive the lists.

4. Canvass from those lists. This is the quickest and most direct way to learn how many illegitimate names are hidden there. Verify the names and ages of residents of voting age who live at that address. (The subject of canvassing is sometimes debated because it can be thought of an “an intrusion”, or a “danger to the canvassers” , but it is neither.) When you get to the addresses, check first how many voters are registered at a single address. For example, a single family home or duplex seldom would house more than a few voting residents. If there are 16 or 20 or 60 registrants at that one address, it is, of course, a red flag for fraud. Go in groups, if you want to knock on doors, and have the polite but firm smile on your faces. Help the resident to understand that you are neither “R” nor “D” but an American concerned with maintaining our freedom to chose our governance. Tell all that every fraudulent ballot negates a legitimate one. It is scary to realize how many people have never thought of that simple fact!

5. Canvass from the internet. This can be utilized to narrow your lists, before you begin the door-to-door, and is also an excellent way to include volunteers who have physical disabilities and/or someone at home for whom they must care. Look up the addresses on Google Earth or similar satellite services, and ascertain if a structure actually exists at that locale. Many a graveyard or vacant lot has been listed as a voter’s address. This hint was passed along to me by a very smart activist in Florida, who loves her America. It will save time and cover more ground, faster. Thanks, my new Florida friend!

6. Make your efforts public, in every way possible. Be sure to post everything on social media. If you have any Twitter or Facebook aficionados, put them to work reporting out on a daily basis. If you have trouble getting to, or working with, your local officials, post it. If this continues, make friends with someone from a local paper or news outlet. Publicity is the life blood OR the death knell for politicians, and it usually makes they more responsive. Reveal how many vacant lots have become registered addresses, or how many people support what you are doing and want to help. Keep your activities front and center any way you can.

7. Go to county board meetings, request agenda time, and speak out about your mission and the reasons for it. The more left-leaning is your particular board, the more reticent they will be to let you speak. If they disallow it, post THAT!

8. Appoint several members of your group to keep track of your findings and to publicize them anywhere and everywhere.

9. Request meetings with your officials, local and/or state. Have your friendly media person along to take notes, record, or whatever may be allowed. Show them what you’ve found, and what you know about ERIC. Publicize the responses of each elected or appointed official!

Your goal is to get your state to withdraw from ERIC. The state of Louisiana did just that because of the pressure from citizen groups, whose requests for the voter rolls were denied and ignored. The Public Interest Legal Foundation, founded by J. Christian Adams, sued the Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin, on behalf of the voters, which forced Ardoin to look into the rolls and ERIC, and he suspended the LA membership. See [Link]

You can do it in your state, too!

May you be blessed in your efforts. I will be continuing to dig into each ERIC member state, to highlight the fraud which has been discovered, and I want to hear from you at about what is happening in your state as you work to starve the ERIC beast . We will help wherever we can. We’ve got a country to save!

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