ELECTION FRAUD: Elections Commission SUED For Letting Electors Swap Votes

ELECTION FRAUD: Elections Commission SUED For Letting Electors Swap Votes

A lawsuit has been filed by Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) against the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). The commission was sued for illegally allowing voters to change their votes after casting their ballots.

In a memorandum sent on the 1st of August, the Electoral committee gave some unlawful instructions to the state clerks. The new guidance allowed voters who submitted absentee ballots to change their votes. According to the direction, the voter could request his vote to be spoilt and receive a new one if he changes his mind.

All of these instructions by the Wisconsin Electoral commission were found to be in violation of the state’s law. The state’s law gives voters the authority to spoil an absentee ballot before it is submitted. No further changes are allowed to be made after a vote is cast. In situations where a voter decides to spoil his absentee ballot for personal reasons, the ballot must be returned to the state clerk, who should destroy it. After that, a new one can be requested.

In addition, another memo sent the following day instructed the municipal clerks to invalidate a spoilt ballot on behalf of the voter. This guidance also is against the law as it increases the potential for committing election fraud in the absentee voting process. READ MORE...

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