Dr. Naomi Wolf: ‘There’s No Going Back From Vaccine Passports’


Democratic strategist and tech CEO Dr. Naomi Wolf said Big Tech is already equipping vaccine passport technology to be the social credit score system of the West.

Dr. Wolf warned “there is no going back” from the dangerous technology, which will be the end of freedom in the West.

“I’m the CEO of a tech company, I understand what the vaccine passports are,” Wolf told Stephen K. Bannon on War Room. “I understand what the lies are, what the administration is telling.

“And I know there is no going back from the vaccine passports,” she said.

Wolf said this is not some distant “science fiction” future, but it is happening “right now.” In New York, corrupt Gov. Andrew Cuomo rolled out the  “Excelsior Pass.”

“You can’t go see the Mets unless you show it,” Wolf said. “In Israel, Canada, in Britain, Denmark, this is the end of the west. It’s a war on the west, it’s a war on humanity.” 

“It’s not science fiction it’s not some day in the future,” she said. “It’s right now.

Wolf, the CEO of Daily Clout, said Google Pay and Apple Pay are already being built in to the mobile applications, to connect vaccine paperwork to your financial livelihood. There is no other purpose than to pave the way for a Chinese Communist Party-style social credit system, to track and monitor citizens, Wolf said.

“All of those functionalities can be switched on in the time it takes to tweet about it,” Wolf said.