Dr. Kandiss Taylor Leads the Polls Among GRA Members

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On April 2, 2022, the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA) convened to give current Republican candidates the opportunity to present their platforms and to be endorsed, if qualified. This event was a momentous one because in the state of Georgia grassroots candidates are often blocked by private interests from receiving endorsements of merit. (For a complete list of endorsements, click here.) State Republican Assemblies, previously referred to by President Ronald Reagan as the “conscience of the Republican Party”, are organizations which strive to ensure that the Republican Party remains constitutionally focused and protects the liberties of the American people. The GRA defines its mission as “to help the Republican Party live up to the lofty ideals of the Republican Party platform and the principles of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.” In the state of Georgia, when the GRA issues endorsements and criticizes the behavior of Republican candidates, it carries a hefty weight.

And that brings us to another issue that is not yet satisfactorily resolved among either Republican candidates or Republican constituents in Georgia. As discussed in a previous article, the controversy surrounding Dr. Kandiss Taylor being allowed to participate in debates with Governor Brian Kemp and fellow challenger David Purdue continues, this time with representatives of the Republican party from throughout Georgia undermining the argument made by WSB-TV and Gray Television, even in light of the Taylor campaign filing a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for inclusion with evidence that proves Dr. Taylor has a polling average in Georgia of 40.26%. The April 2, 2022, poll of participants at the GRA event—Georgia Republicans who are representing the voice of Georgia Republican constituents—had a much different response than the conveniently skewed poll of the Georgia gubernatorial race conducted by the Trafalgar Group in February 2022. As reported by Newsmax, Dr. Taylor appears to have polled well below current Governor Kemp and challenger David Purdue at 3%, and yet when a group of Republicans representing the Republican constituency of Georgia voted only two weeks later, the results were significantly reversed. It was Governor Kemp who polled so low as to legitimately disqualify him from any and all debates with a showing of 8.33%. Conversely to the Trafalgar Group’s poll, Dr. Taylor beat out even David Purdue by a slight 1 vote margin, making preference for Georgia’s next governor completely contrary to polls published by organizations who may or may not have financial and political reasons for skewing the data. The GRA poll gives Dr. Taylor a 41% to 40% edge over Mr. Purdue and a 33% edge over incumbent Governor Kemp.

GRA Gubernatorial Poll 2022

Unfortunately, due to the close margin between Taylor and Purdue, the GRA did not issue an endorsement for either candidate. Who did issue an endorsement following the GRA conference? After further press regarding the exclusion of Dr. Taylor from gubernatorial debates, including a press release from Stacey Abrams questioning if Governor Kemp and David Purdue were intentionally excluding Dr. Taylor because she is a woman, conservative podcaster and media personality Joe Oltman issued an endorsement on Telegram on April 18, 2022.


Oltman Endorsement
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Additional endorsements for Dr. Taylor include Mike Lindell, Captain Seth Keshel, Stew Peters, Lin Wood, and Gary Binford. And in a poll conducted by WCHM Newstalk 94.3 (Georgia), another poll not likely to be pay-to-play, the People of Georgia have a different opinion than that of those who participated in the Trafalgar Group poll last month.

WCHM poll

What is it that Governor Kemp, David Purdue, WSB-TV (Cox Media Group), and Georgia Public Television (GPB) are afraid of having come up in a debate discussion? The simple answer is the 2020 Election Fraud. Kandiss Taylor describes a fundamental issue of her platform by saying “I am the only candidate fighting for election integrity,” she says. “We can’t expect fraud to go away by using the same process we did in the 2020 election. As your governor, I will secure our elections by removing Dominion machines and drop boxes. The people of Georgia want paper ballots.”

As a reminder, Governor Kemp made it clear in his 2022 State of the State Address that he was not interested in having further election legislation cross his desk during the 2022 Legislative Session and, despite over 60 combined House and Senate election integrity bills, not a single one of these bills made it to his desk due to the consistent efforts of Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan (R.), Chair of the Senate, and President Pro Tempore Butch Miller to refuse to bring them to the floor for a vote. Based on his actions during this last legislative session, election integrity is of far less concern to Governor Kemp than altering Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements in Georgia to make it possible for George Soros’ Rivian EV plant to destroy the environment of North Georgia. David Purdue, as well, had nothing to say about the corruption that took his Congressional Senate seat in the Georgia runoff in January 2021 nor has he made any attempts of which the public is aware to fight against election fraud in Georgia. It was not until well after he was goaded into campaigning for governor by President Trump at the Perry, Georgia rally that he filed a lawsuit of any kind related to election integrity in December 2021. However, since that time, his speeches and platforms have been slackening on the issue of improving election integrity in Georgia and voters see his lawsuit as a just another election ploy.

This question remains in Georgia: How can a grassroots challenger who carries the vote of the “Republican conscience” in Georgia and who, in a non-pay-to-play poll carries the majority, be disqualified for participation in debate events that would broaden her audience? The answer, friends, is simple: Dr. Kandiss Taylor is the only gubernatorial candidate in Georgia who appears to be in the race to represent the working class People of Georgia, and that’s a significant problem that must be eliminated in the Georgia Primaries for the other two millionaires (frequently referred to in Georgia by voters as “the twins”) and for their private business interests.

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