Don’t let Dominion Voting Machines Be Used to Steal Elections! Demand Your State Representatives Get the Halderman Report!


Don’t let Dominion Voting Machines Be Used to Steal Elections!                                      

Demand Your State Representatives Get the Halderman Report!

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An attorney for Mike Lindell revealed in an exclusive interview on Lindell-TV that a federal judge in Georgia has sealed an expert report from renowned cyber security expert, University of Michigan Professor J. Alex Halderman, conclusively demonstrating that Dominion Voting Systems machines used in sixteen states are  "vulnerable to attack" from foreign and domestic actors with nefarious intent.

Halderman testified in a 2017 Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on the security of U.S. voting systems. At that time, he had already spent ten years studying electronic voting machines, and delivered a sobering analysis about how such machines are open to cyber attacks that can change the outcome in national elections.

In that Senate hearing, Professor Halderman concluded that U.S. voting machines are "highly vulnerable to sabotage and even to cyber attacks that could change votes. These realities risk making our election results more difficult for Americans to trust.”

"I know America's voting machines are vulnerable because my colleagues and I have hacked them, repeatedly, as part of a decade of research studying the technology that operates elections and learning how to make it stronger," he told the Senators in 2017. "This puts the entire nation at risk."

Professor Halderman was also asked by Senator Risch (R. ID) about machines being connected to the internet. Professor Halderman said machines themselves do not have to be "directly connected to the internet for a remote attacker to target them," as long as "pieces of election IT equipment in elections offices where the election processes are prepared" are connected.

Olsen, in a Tuesday, Oct. 5 interview, revealed that, on September 21, 2021, Professor Halderman filed a sworn Declaration with the Georgia federal court pleading with the court to unseal an explosive 25,000-word July 2021 cyber report on Dominion voting machines. Olsen said the cyber report by Professor Halderman, now hidden from public view, was submitted as evidence in a current Georgia civil case seeking the removal of Dominion voting machines from all Georgia elections, and according to Professor Halderman in his sworn Declaration, details how vulnerable Dominion’s voting machines are to hacking and vote stealing.

Professor Halderman stated under the penalty of perjury, that the hacking and malware threat to these Dominion machines is so “urgent” that his Report must be released to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to try to fix these issues. CISA is the government agency that defends against cyber threats to our Nation’s critical infrastructure, including voting systems.  Halderman also testified that he had already communicated with CISA officials, and those officials want to move forward to try and fix these security issues before upcoming elections can be hacked.

Olsen read on air as a statement from Professor Halderman’s Declaration highlighting the grave threat to out Nation’s election systems posed by Dominion’s voting machines in which Professor Halderman stated:

"Informing responsible parties about the Dominion ICX's vulnerabilities is becoming more urgent by the day. Foreign or domestic adversaries who are intent on attacking elections certainly could have already discovered the same problems I did. It is important to recognize the possibility that nefarious actors already have discovered the same problems I detailed in my report and are preparing to exploit them in future elections."


Please follow the link below to view the video in which the article is referencing.

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