Dominion Exposed

Dominion Exposed

Supporting Documentation Details

The supporting documentation for Report #3 - Election Database and Data Process Analysis can be downloaded below. The download is a single zip archive file which contains database files from a Dominion voting machine. This single file is about 750MB in size and depending on the speed of your Internet connection can take a number of minutes to download. The remainder of this article will detail an sample of what can be found in the download, what specifically is included in the download, how to use the downloaded files to perform your own analysis.

Sample Content

For your reference, included below are several screenshots of what these databases look like when viewed within Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.


Listing of tables within a Dominion database
List of tables in database
List of items within the "ActivityItems" table within a Dominion database
List of items within the ActivityItems table


What's Included

Included in the zip archive are 12 files representing 6 database backups or snapshots. The 6 sets of database backup files each have a matching pair of files which include a data file (MDF) and log file (LDF). Included below are details for each file including the name, size and hashes for each file to validate the downloaded files match the original source.

1. 2020 Mesa County General-2020-09-05-00-10-20
Type Size MD5 SHA1 SHA256
MDF 1,048,576 KB a0d14c37dc7a596e0687351314e0c363 bebcda4c9740f8192b69e8afc45d16059e7a2794 4d2d03f30a57bd950736f1f120970cd25479836d895893f39257e0e36542787f
LDF 1,433,600 KB 03a1d74b30367a57547b0d614414cb7f 6d5909d24f15716ebab4850f6cc333237dff39f6 18976174dfd8f2486dc85901f61a23def269d4782f692cd24aa90d58ad2f7d5a
2. AdjudicableBallotStore_2020_Mesa_County_General_2020-10-01_12_18_50
Type Size MD5 SHA1 SHA256
MDF 73,728 KB 56c292e893c1ea2782718b7c56d90bd9 d541431ca1c0f476422489365b1b753792449fcf 0decbf6354772dad366de0a1b3efd600d6c5e689101711f154b4ee69dd5a5b47
LDF 139,264 KB a682e3a88283c161bf1777d079375e31 ba0ce59869cbbe39d216d2ff39d1d3dd013a20e0 97bb0fc7bf990e6286bbc904550e1c9b0331db954e3928ad53f8f3807087ba84
3. AdjudicableBallotStore_2020_Mesa_County_General_2020-10-21_14_18_51
Type Size MD5 SHA1 SHA256
MDF 139,264 KB 9c46e48519c88cc4becf519cc3fa9649 7ba9905de66fead44a0ae85b95c395d70e2c9ae0 be84b32b47cd484f3c20a710005a4d92a0f1c13caf1046e4f1fab099b4621e8e
LDF 204,800 KB a8df905d597e59e86f0c63cbe3bd07bd 93408cc144f862dc67f3f72b823a913ff08c4f12 c4208b7e3fb246697ae0805f99d8c10ed9bf3079f6d7bfed35b1cc61c6e6ae27
4. AdjudicableBallotStore_City_of_Grand_Junction_Municipal_Election_2021_2021-03-18_10_48_14
Type Size MD5 SHA1 SHA256
MDF 73,728 KB be9137b39c503f496bf4ae92fc3d791b 00a78c5c5803602fe18c75fea00305c69e3e80f2 d3e76f4ab734f1671cfaf83fc6d8cdf7566c057f1ede0396b1ac3de16b3f862c
LDF 73,728 KB 901c5945f2abde8101716175a7827000 b1617ceb0480aff1bddc0c3b4176338a23c821db 4b58315c8fd6ba070a911340c1a5e9cf81f8c3cbdfabb3fedde94337f6fd0e91
5. AdjudicableBallotStore_City_of_Grand_Junction_Municipal_Election_2021_2021-03-30_14_58_56
Type Size MD5 SHA1 SHA256
MDF 73,728 KB e824cade00869f3be600083f664a4e9f 7937423c28f0741d7a9540810783b0c4a2629dc4 7fd214f9d7c4c7bdb9b3d58b2d98ef733b9b35eeb487818838621b5040469ead
LDF 73,728 KB 17df04846de6a9100a17136f3589ea76 3f786f11720cc866e2796ddd323d08e92f21c095 5ef638ba99b7e0ffb0a45515fc5176a54d5099fa5593c392d3041deda9a6a8ac
6. City of Grand Junction Municipal Election 2021-2021-02-05-16-01-32
Type Size MD5 SHA1 SHA256
MDF 1,048,576 KB 6a11b07b6c03e45aa66da599d76a37e1 38ece5a5f22dc8e0eb77668e9944fe29b70cb247 8bde04d71c5bec30f68f3e5b76dfe335aaed652a8060af987c0d50cdf6b8eb7c
LDF 307,200 KB 5361ba5256a3b7c47290a1d5b149614b b9cab01afaf3f810d30e1a1de61707edc5a8658d e0866bac4febd00280d790c042202f75d780989fcf4b055e10730c9e0d1d2133

How to Use

Once you have downloaded the supporting documentation you can follow the steps below to view these files. The instructions below will work on any Windows based computer with the required software.

  1. Once the zip file is downloaded you will need to extract the files into a temporary directory on your computer.
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your machine running SQL Server
  3. Within the Object Explorer expand the node representing your machine and right click on the "Databases" folder and choose "Attach..." from the context menu.
  4. Click the Add button under the "Databases to attach" header and choose the MDF file you wish to add and hit OK. Please note: this process works best with the MDF and LDF files are in the same folder/directory on your machine.
  5. At this point the database should be loaded successfully into your Object Explorer

Required Software:

  • Microsoft SQL Server any edition (Dev, Standard, or Enterprise) version 2016 or newer. [download]
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio [download]



As mentioned previously, the supporting documentation is a single zip file which is about 750MB in size and as such it may take a while to download depending on your Internet connection.

Download Supporting Documentation

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