Do the Midterm Elections Prove that the Integrity of US Elections is Permanently Broken?

Do the Midterm Elections Prove that the Integrity of US Elections is Permanently Broken?

With the Democrats set to win 50 seats in the upper chamber to Republican’ 49 seats, even if Herschel Walker wins the race in Georgia next month, the Senate will continue to be tied and Vice President Kamala Harris will serve as the tie-breaking vote. Since the beginning of the #Fix2020First call to action, we’ve consistently yelled from the rooftops about 2020 election fraud, #2000Mules, and a mountain of evidence on voting machine issues.

Yet, here we are again! And what’s even more shocking is: “We all saw it coming!” America, what are we to do now as we move forward toward the 2024 Elections? Are we witnessing a permanently broken voting system lacking checks and balances to hold those accountable who purposely subvert our votes with schemes and loaded voter legislation? 

These are all questions that the mainstream media remain silent about, and also apparently the GOP continuing to stand in the background appearing oblivious to the constant attacks on the integrity of the US election system.

The only glimpse of optimism that we can all hold on to is President Trump’s announcement that he will be in the running for the 2024 Presidency of the United States. While it continues to be apparent that the Democrats will continue to manipulate our voting system, we must use every resource at our disposal to ensure that President Trump is reelected so that he can restore a sense of normality to this country, as he did when exposing the corruption that we now can see clearly!

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