Diamond & Silk Premier Live Show “Chit Chat Live” on Frank Speech Monday-Friday

Diamond & Silk Premier Live Show “Chit Chat Live” on Frank Speech Monday-Friday

Starting on Wednesday, 10:PM Eastern 9:PM Central on FrankSpeech.com, Diamond and Silk will be hosting their live show “Chit Chat Live.” Finally, a show where censorship will not be an issue! On Tuesday night Diamond and Silk made the announcement (YouTube Announcement) that they will be hosting a live show on Frank Speech.

The ladies noted that this show will be an opportunity to talk about all the things they are normally not allowed to talk about in the wake of big tech censorship. In their debut interview on Frank Speech, Diamond and Silk gave a taste of what they will be discussing on their Frank Speech Chit Chat Live show. Not only will the Biden administration’s Afghanistan evacuation disaster be on the table, but they will also discuss the conflicting misinformation narrative that the left continues to promote about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Be sure to tune in to Diamond and Silk’s Chit Chat Live on Frank Speech to hear these ladies deliver the unadulterated truth from a common sense perspective. They will kick the first show off by talking about what the FDA has done by approving an experimental vaccine though the science is showing that it is not effective against the China virus.

Make sure you join Diamond and Silk’s “Chit Chat Live” on FrankSpeech.com, 10:PM Eastern and 9:PM Central. Be prepared for the raw and unadulterated Diamond & Silk!

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