Diamond and Silk Slams the Left Over Baby Formula Shortage

Diamond and Silk Slams the Left Over Baby Formula Shortage

Right now, a baby formula shortage is rocking Americans from coast to coast, with stores running short of the desperately needed product and parents having to worry about their babies going hungry as a result, not for lack of money or planning but for lack of supply of the basic necessity.

On their most recent Chit Chat Live Show, Diamond and Silk had some choice words for the Left about the Baby Formula Shortage: WATCH VIDEO

White House press secretary Jen Psaki tacitly admitted to that in a recent press conference, saying, when asked about the shortage and the FDA’s roll in causing it:

Well, let me first say, as you know, but — the FDA issued a recall to ensure that they are meeting their obligation to protect the health of Americans, including babies — who, of course, were receiving — or taking this formula — and ensure safe products are available. That’s their job. READ MORE…

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