DeSantis Gets in Battle of Wits With Undermanned Gavin Newsome

DeSantis Gets in Battle of Wits With Undermanned Gavin Newsome

One of my favorite things about Donald Trump, besides his rock-solid policy, was his willingness to take people to task. He didn’t mind putting someone in their place or cutting them down a little if he felt the need. Unfortunately, part of Trump’s undoing, besides Covid and the obviously flawed election in 2020 was his willingness to be abrupt and abrasive, and yes, sometimes mean. Turns out when half of the country is comprised of snowflakes, a little heat makes them melt. Who knew?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is cut from much of the same cloth as Trump was. DeSantis will tell it like it is, and he doesn’t care about feelings. The difference between Trump and DeSantis however, is the latter has yet to cross over and get mean. Now to be clear, I don’t care about mean. This country has far too many people that are always up in their feelings. Our main competitors on the world stage like China and Russia do not give one damn about feelings, and it is hurting our strategic advantage.

As DeSantis continues to gain traction for a 2024 presidential bid, his opponents, like Greasy Gavin Newsome are taking all the shots they can at him, and Heavy D is firing back. READ MORE...

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