Democrat Policies Increase Crime

Democrat Policies Increase Crime

It seems like this was inevitable. For a while now, there have been changes to the way crime is handled. Between calls to defund the policy and other ideas, people have been eager to apply it. With radical democrats in positions of power, they have the ability to put these changes in place. As a result, the entire United States is experiencing a ridiculous crime wave. People might try to blame it on the COVID pandemic but it isn’t. It is caused by the Democrat's policies and practices that lead us to this.

Defund the Police

This is one of those moments where people realize that they wanted something, then it turned out to be bad. Protestors and activists were always wanting this to occur. So, Democrats gave it to them. Democratic cities began to slash their police budgets in the belief that they did not need them. Turns out they did!

After defunding some police forces, crime and homicides went up. For Portland, the homicide rate went up five fold. Meanwhile, smash and grabs are occurring in broad daylight. It has gotten to the point where some Democrat leaders are changing their tune. For London Breed, the San Francisco Mayor that cut her police budget by 120 million, she seems to have enough of this mess.  After the surge of violence and crimes, she has ordered the cops to get tough on “all bulls-t that have destroyed our city.” Regardless of what people say, this was a Democratic policy that went wrong. Strike one. However, it was not just defunding police that caused this crime. It is also the fact that people are turning a blind eye. 

Attorney Generals Turning A Blind Eye

To be more specific, people are just not doing their jobs. See, back when I was a child, people who committed crimes were charged and arrested. To punish people for doing harm to others. However, it seems like attorney generals are just turning their heads around. You would think participants in violent riots would be arrested. Well, think again.

Most of these protesters are back on the street with no consequences. Left and right, you see that being done in most cities. Though the worst is the fact that they are being paid to do it.

George Soros’ Open Society foundation is funding the “push to overhaul prosecutors office” across the United States. After all, he did fund attorney generals through their super PACs. One of these attorney generals, Kimberly Foxx, stated she would not charge shoplifters with felonies unless they had 10 or more felony convictions or if they stole more than $1,000 dollars worth of goods. This was a huge jump in the previous $300 dollars. It was not surprising that the Chicago police stated they had “no confidence” in her. This is strike two. 

Zero Bail Policy

Out of all the controversial things California has done, this takes the cake. During the 2020 pandemic, California and other states want to implement a ‘Zero Bail’ policy to prevent transmission. Although it didn’t apply to those with serious crimes, the policy did allow criminals to just walk back on the street. The ‘Zero Bail’ policy was a test that many considered a failure. After 30 days, police had arrested 213 people multiple times. In fact, they had to arrest 23 three or more times. That accounts for 5% of those booked on misdemeanor or felonies.

However, this did not stop them from passing this bail policy into law. Now crimes have become more blatant. Los Angeles police have been blasting this new policy. After they arrested 14 people that were involved in 11 smash and grabs, they were just released. Can you see how this policy can be abused? Strike Three.

Democrats Policies Do Not Work

Usually, three strikes mean you're out. However, I doubt that the radical democrats or elite want to be benched anytime soon. Yet, it seems like democrats like London Breeder are finally seeing how bad these policies are in action. Something I think the general public and police knew before they happened. It is not just one policy that caused this. It was all of them!


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