Crowd Shouts “Let’s Go Brandon!” at Joe Biden as he Surveys Tornado Damage in Kentucky

joe biden tornados kentucky

 As part of a political stunt, Joe Biden flew to Mayfield, Kentucky, visiting the victims of terrible tornadoes that left more than 88 dead.

Unfortunately for Biden, upon his arrival, he was greeted by jeers of “Let’s go Brandon!” from the local residents and passed Trump 2020 banners while in his motorcade. 

Under normal conditions, greeting someone who has come to share condolences with a euphemism for “F#ck Joe Biden” would be inappropriate. However, Biden doesn’t legitimately care about these Kentucky residents who voted for Trump over himself by a margin of four to one.

Biden is only visiting this disaster-stricken area for political optics and to appear as a caring and concerned president. 

The demented old man’s lack of care is evident by the fact that he didn’t even know tornadoes had stuck Kentucky until shortly before his visit. Take a look at this video where Joe Biden in a press conference mistakenly says a hurricane hit the Midwest: 

President Biden mistakenly says the Mid-South and Midwest were hit by a hurricane.

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) December 13, 2021

Imagine tuning in to Biden discussing the tragedy in which your loved one died, just for him to be so clueless he confuses a tornado with a hurricane. If Biden can’t tell the difference between a tornado and a hurricane, there is no way he could personally help Mayfield, Kentucky, without making it worse.

It’s no wonder that the locals were shouting “Let’s go Brandon” upon his arrival. 

While Joe Biden was in Mayfield, Kentucky, he made onlookers uncomfortable as he could not keep his hands off the children. Joe Biden has a history of inappropriately touching children, and you can watch some of those cringe-worthy encounters here.

Despite repeatedly being called out for this behavior, Biden often touched and whispered to seven-year-old Dane Maddox and even brought him up to the podium during his visit. 

The tornadoes that touched down across several states resulted in a devastating tragedy. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear recently stated that more than 100 people are still missing, meaning that the death count is expected to rise.

Hopefully, the community of Mayfield, Kentucky can begin to put their lives back together after being ravaged by tornadoes and then used in a political stunt.


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