Crime Increases As More Police Leave

Crime Increases As More Police Leave

As the crime rate increases across most of the United States, police officers are hanging up their holsters. For the last couple of years, between movements like Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police, law enforcement officers have been under attack. Now, these officers are leaving the force in droves. In addition, many of the ones that have stayed are demoralized. So, what is happening and what are the consequences?

Demoralizing the Police

Here is an interesting fact. Police agencies have no obligation to protect citizens. There are numerous cases that prove that on a legal level, police agencies and officers have no legal obligation or duty to provide protection to citizens. In fact, this only applies if there is someone in custody. Yet, the idea of protecting and serving the community is engrained in officers.

In the 1950s the phrase “To Protect and Server” was coined by the Los Angeles police department and adapted by many others since. To be sure, police officers put themselves at risk to enforce the laws and protect others. Even if they have no legal obligation to do so. It takes a special type of person to take on an occupation where they are willing to risk themselves to protect others.

That is what makes movements like Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police so damaging. These groups seemingly don’t care that the country is much more dangerous without police agencies and officers doing their jobs. Anti-cop hostility has been escalating, especially within the cities. With groups like Antifa attacking and creating riots through protests without consequence, it should not be a surprise that demoralized officers are leaving the force.

Hanging Up Their Holsters

In the New York Police Department, 1,500 officers have already quit or retired in 2022. This is a 38% increase for the NYPD from last year. Many of these officers have left the force without their full year’s pension. This includes police officers in the middle of their prime.

According to Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch, this exodus shows that police officers have had enough.

They are leaving for other opportunities where they’re paid better, treated better, and have a better quality of life.

This is just one city. Even CNN reported that cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Portland, and Seattle are facing critical “manpower” issues. According to a report by 172 police departments, resignations are up 40% since 2019 with another 25% in retirements.

The situation in Chicago is even more desperate. They have approval for 1300 new officers this year after losing nearly 750 in a 12-month period. The question is where do they find them?

Well, according to a CBSNews report, officials of that city are looking to recruit former Marines. Apparently, nearly 9000 retire each year and they made a trip to Camp Pendleton on a recruiting mission. Pretty amazing considering the left’s pushback on police using surplus military equipment, not to mention the obvious differences in training methods.

Increase Crime Rates

The reality is coming back to bite supporters of Defund the Police in the rear. The Council on Criminal Justice’s recent analysis shows high rates of violent crimes and increases in property crimes. This report showed significant increases in different crime categories such as aggravated assault, burglaries, and other offenses. Ultimately, the real effect is being felt by the cities and neighborhoods that need the most protection and support.

The United States crime rate is higher than what it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. While people contribute the increased violence to the pandemic, the civil unrest around protestors, and the pullback of the police. This is supported by the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System, which was already showing a trend of increased crime prior to the global pandemic. According to experts, the police are an essential component in reducing the violent crime rate.

Resources for the Police

People are learning firsthand what happens when you lack a dedicated police force on the crime rate and community. Fortunately, states like Georgia are pushing against the agenda set by BLM and Defund the Police. There needs to be a change across the board, however. Every state needs to support policies that will increase law enforcement officers instead of depleting them. Furthermore, there needs to be a positive and smart support system to train police officers.

The bottom line is our cities and most vulnerable neighborhoods need more police. The question is, who will join, and how will they keep them? We’ve seen how bad judgment and poor training have hurt some people. However, we’ve also seen how politics and absurd movements have led to much more suffering.

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