Covid 19 was weaponized to usher in the Great Global Reset and perpetrate widespread Global Election Fraud


Covid 19 was weaponized to usher in the Great Global Reset and perpetrate widespread Global Election Fraud


Verifiable facts about Covid 19 in Connecticut: You have been lied to. Please do not use Google as a search engine, use Duck Duck Go or Brave to access websites provided below to do your own research. The best thing you can do is turn off Mainstream Media; it is all propaganda. Corporate medicine, DPH, FDA the WHO and the World Economic Forum along with our senators and Legislatures have failed the public in Connecticut and the United States.


Fraudulent Sensitivity and Specificity PCR Tests

Did you know that the hospitals and physicians including pediatricians are being incentivized if you are diagnosed and admitted with Covid 19? They are being incentivized to “sell unsafe vaccines to you and your families without proper informed consent and disclosures of death and injury”

Payments include:

  1. A “free” required PCR test in the Emergency Room or upon admission for every patient, with government-paid (taxpayer) fee to hospital generated false positive results with symptoms of disease.

  2. Added bonus payment to hospital for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

  3. Added bonus for COVID-19 admission to the hospital.

  4. A 20 percent “boost” bonus payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for use of remdesivir.

  5. Added larger bonus payment to the hospital if a COVID-19 patient is placed on a mechanical ventilator.

  6. Added payment to the hospital if cause of death is listed as COVID-19 on the death certificate, even if the patient did not die directly of COVID-19.

  7. A COVID-19 diagnosis also provides extra payments to coroners.

  8. CMS implemented “value-based” payment programs that track data such as how many workers at a healthcare facility receive COVID-19 vaccine. Now we see why many hospitals implemented COVID-19 vaccine mandates in workers. They are paid more. Access here:

Election Fraud

Watch Dinesh D’Souza Documentary free “2000 Mules” to see widespread organized election fraud across the United States.


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