Coronavirus Worldwide - 6 Million Americans Overseas!


6 Million Americans In Need!  


Most people are unaware that nearly 6 million Americans live overseas, from long term residents, to students, to teachers, and just about everyone in between. 


Many have been able to return to the US, but many are unable to return and are in great need from medical assistance to help with families and in many cases having suddenly lost jobs in urgent need in countries that do not have such infrastructure in place. 


“We are right now helping an American, a former Marine living overseas, unable to return to the US who has lost his job due to the virus and is suffering terribly along with his family” said one volunteer. 


Since 1951, The World Helpline has cared for Americans abroad ranging from disaster assistance to war zones to typhoons, tsunami, nuclear meltdown and more with a worldwide network of fellow Americans, many of whom heave lived for decades in the country they are in. 


What was originally a mail and telephone system of getting help to those in need is now an online system that puts any American in need in touch with the closest American who can help nearby.

With decades living in the country, the local Americans are able to get through “red tape”, help with emergency assistance and information and be there for a fellow American in need. 


“We are Helping a mother with a five month old baby urgently trying to get home to an American who has just gotten his test to get into a hospital to emergency information” says another volunteer as the pandemic rolls across the world.


For fellow Americans stranded and unable to understand the language to everything in between, The World Helpline leverages a worldwide network of volunteers who are there to help from putting a fellow American up for the night to going with them to a Government office to taking them to the hospital to helping them get out of the country. Anyone with a family member can simple go to and press “help” to get connected with the closest American. 


Those able to help a fellow American can put their contact information in as well  and The World Helpline urgently needs unused airline miles, unused iPhones for communication and has been supported 100% by the public in their mission to help fellow Americans in need since 1951.

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