Communist China Taking Over Hong Kong!


Communists Taking Over Hong Kong

As the communist vise strengthens over Hong Kong, an amazing “back story” to the over one million marches in Hong Kong as Hong Kong stands up for its freedom is that it is being led by Christians.

One of the key reasons is that the number of Christians in China - due to the tens of thousands of American Missionaries who gave their lives to China a generation ago, there are now estimates of up to 300 million Christians in China.

The problem the government is facing is that there are only 80 million communist party members at best and the government has panicked at this discovery which many believe is the reason behind the dramatic crackdown on Hong Kong in direct defiance of the Basic Law, which was signed by Britain and communist china in 1997.

There are two main reasons for the fight of Christians to preserves their freedom.

First, of course is for Hong Kong itself to remain free in contrast to the communist police state of China.

Second, though is the little talked about fact that Hong Kong is in fact the center of the evangelization of the one billion Chinese.

From supporting the underground Church to a steady supply of Bibles, evangelists, technology support and more, if the proposed law were to pass all Christians engaging in Evangelism in China, foreign or domestic could be arrested in Hong Kong and taken to China.

Will you help the Christians of Hong Kong as they stand up to China and defend their freedoms!

Support is most of all needed to organize and mobilize the Church and young people to continue to defense of freedom in Hong Kong

Support so that student leaders can continue to mobilize the Church, support for training programs on how to mobilize, support for technological support as China did massive edits to crash the internet and online mobilization and support for the network of Christians as they continue to stand up to China!

Donations of airline miles are urgently needed to help those needing to leave Hong Kong as well as other travel – also used IPhones, canned and instant food, sleeping bags, small tents, bottled water, powdered milk, soap, towels or to

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