Communist China Murders 100 Million!


32 Years Of Communist Terror Since the Tiananmen Massacre

June marks the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre in which up to 10,000 brave Chinese students were brutally murdered, many run over by tanks, shot point blank and slaughtered in a dramatic crackdown on Chinese Students, simply asking for freedom according to recently released documents from the United Kingdom.

One of those key leaders that stood up that day is Dr. Jianli Yang, who was detained, imprisoned, put in solitary confinement and subject to all manner of intimidation and terror by the communist authorities. 

It took 85 members of Congress, writing a letter directly to the President of China, Hu Jinzai, demanding his release and finally, on April 10, 2006 he was released from prison, but then arrested again and finally on August 19, 2007 he was allowed to leave and came to the US with his family.

Through all the tragedy, Yang met Jesus Christ and became a believer, leading many of his fellow Students who were at Tiananmen to Christ saying, “in spite of all the pain and terror my family and so many went through, we met Jesus Christ and His love transformed the hate and bitterness into love and hope. I believe that God in His time and in His way is bringing my beloved China to Himself”.

Yang sees the Church, which has now grown to exceed the communist party of China which has approximately 80 million members, with estimates of between 100 million to 300 million Christians, in one of the largest Revivals in history.

Yang’s first English book, “For Us The Living” has just come out, and is available on all platforms, telling his journey from prison to freedom in Christ and he asks believers worldwide, “Please pray for us  and our efforts to minister to our  fellow Chinese, to pray wth us for a China that is free to come to Christ, and to support our efforts.

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