Church Needs Help!


Earthquakes Hits Church!


It was exactly ten years go – in 2011 when a 9.0 earthquake devastated Japan resulting in nearly 25,000 deaths and total destruction combined with a tsunami and nuclear meltdown.


Amazingly, ten years later, a series of dramatic earthquakes with authorities have concluded are aftershock of the previous earthquake have hit Japan, including one nearly 7.0 resulting in shaking throughout the country.

Grace Church, recently celebrating 50 years, had survived the 2011 earthquake with just minor damage, but the recent earthquake has resulted in major damage including falling off of part of the roof on the structures.


“We had neighbors rush to our Church in concern” said one at the Church with another saying, “we have survived the pandemic, numerous typhoons, earthquakes and more, but this time it finally hit us and we urgently need help to repair the roof and other damaged areas before seasonal rains come”.


Known as the “oasis” for being a local community center for the area, the Church is urgently working to raise what is needed to do minimum repairs so the roof can be repaired to keep out rain and other areas damaged in the unexpected series of earthquakes that rocked the nation over a period of nearly a month.


Built in the traditional style, Church members are working hard at  or go to to raise the needs to repair the roof and other damage to the Church before the rainy season comes. 

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