Christians Persecuted!


Slaughtered By ISIS


Seven years after the dramatic takeover of much of Northern Iraq, tens of thousands of Assyrian Christian refugees are still living in tents, in open unfinished buildings, unused schools, without food, water and basic needs.


They were driven from their 2,000 year old historic Christian villages with nothing but the clothes on their backs by ISIS and other terrorist groups determined to rid the Middle East of all Christians as the United Nations refuses help.  


There previous villages have been completely destroyed, Churches defiled and slowly being rebuilt by those precious ones who have lived there for millennia.


Ugently needed are canned and instant food, water, rice, blankets, tents, heaters, medicine, unblocked IPhones, and unused airline miles to enable team members to travel and assist on the ground at


The need is desperate!


With a new administration that is extremely hostile to Christians, believers must not be driven out of the Middle East and urgently need the help of the worldwide Christian community to survive this new onslaught, this time from an administration that has betrayed Israel as well as the Christians in the Middle East at or, promo code “whl”. 

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