Christians Persecuted!


Cleansing The Middle East Of all Christians – UN Refuses To Help Christians!

Thousands of Assyrian Christian refugees are living in tents, in freezing, open unfinished buildings, unused schools without food, water and basic needs having been driven from their 2,000 year old Christian villages with nothing but the clothes on their backs by ISIS and other terrorist groups determined to rid the Middle East of all Christians as the United Nations refuses help to Christians!

Even though worldwide assistance is flowing to the area, discrimination against Christians who can be immediately known by their names but their ID cards and appearance has causing many to be left with nothing. 

“Our people are alone - we feel like nobody cares for us and we have nowhere to go” said one Assyrian who asked to be anonymous. 

“We are cut of off from support and our villages were destroyed. We cannot leave the country because nobody will take us and we have nowhere to go here. We just want enough help so we can go home.” they continued. 

Assyria was the first Christian Nation in history - the land of Nineveh, the Garden of Eden and more, and following the Assyrian Holocaust beginning in 1915, many left bringing the Assyrian Christian population to about 10%, but even that has been severely decimated by the constant persecution.

The Assyrian Christians hold on to the Biblical promise in Isaiah 19 which promises that there will be a nation called Assyria and hold on to that promise for hope in the face of daunting odd.

“We simply want help so we can begin to go back to our own villagers, begin farming, go back to school and live our lives. We just need the help so we can become self sustaining again” said another. 

There is a push worldwide to provide basic assistance so the Assyrian Christians can finally return home following the disaster of ISIS, rebuild their homes, villages and put together the security to protect their area as they work towards the Assyrian Administrative Area that has passed the Iraqi Council of Ministers twice, which will give them the ability to administer their own area.


Prayer that this will be accomplished and help so they can return home is being requested at

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