Christians Must Not Be Driven Out Of The Middle East!


Cleansing The Middle East Of all Christians – UN Refuses To Help Christians!


Nearly 500,000 Assyrian Christian refugees are living in tents, in freezing, open unfinished buildings, unused schools without food, water and basic needs having been driven from their 2,000 year old Christian villages with nothing but the clothes on their backs by ISIS and other terrorist groups determined to rid the Middle East of all Christians as the United Nations refuses help to Christians!


Nearly 20 years after the liberation of Iraq, the fate of the Assyrian Christians of Iraq is in peril.


Most people are unaware that Assyria was the first Christian nation and the Assyrian people were the largest missionary sending nation in history, proclaiming the gospel to most of the world - most people owe their very salvation to one of these Assyrian Missionaries of two millennia ago.


Many nations including the United States, Europe, the UK, Japan and others fund UN relief programs which provide monthly support, housing and emergency assistance to the Assyrian Christian area of Iraq, but on the ground there is blatant discrimination against Christians and the fate of what was once a Christian country and as last as 2002 10% of the population has resulted in a dramatic exodus of this once great Christian nation.


Help is urgently needed to support the long suffering Assyrian Christians of Iraq with current needs including canned and instant food, water, sleeping bags, tents, small heaters, medicine, vitamins, towels, soap, shampoo and basic daily necessities.


Practically when registering for emergency assistance, showing id, it is clear from the name and “religion” space in the government issued ID cards that they are Christians and the staff providing registration refuse to register Christians, cutting of even basic assistance. 


The need is desperate!


Christians must not be driven out of the Middle East!

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