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Iraqi Christian Leader Suddenly Passes Away - Prayer Requested for Family


Ashur Sargon Eskrya, one of the heroes of the Assyrian Christian People and longtime supporter of efforts to assist them on the ground in the Assyrian homeland passed away suddenly after having taken the Coronavirus Vaccine.


He had tested negative, took the vaccine and then tested positive and passed away suddenly at 47 years old with a wife and three young children


Ashur was a graduate of Technology University and since 2003 had worked tirelessly to help the Assyrian Nation, helping with relief projects in the country, making countless trips outside the country to assist the Assyrian Christian cause and when many left, stubbornly stayed in the country to be with his people.


Eskrya was a committed believer, born in Mosul, Iraq, and in addition to his unrelenting efforts to provide assistance to the Assyrian Christian refugees he never wavered in his belief in the promise of Isaiah 19 which says, “In that day there will be a highway from Assyria to Israel to Egypt”, the promise all Assyrian Christians hold dear as the promise from God that they will have their nation.


Those he worked with from the former head of USAID Mark Green, and now Presidend of the Wilson Center said of Ashur, “He devoted himself to the recovery of his people and his land from the unspeakable horrors of genocide, and it is a great sadness that he did not live to see his good work completed.”


“He was a tireless advocate for Christians and religious minorities in Iraq,” stated Knox Thames, the US State Department’s former special advisor for religious minorities. “I often sought his insights about conditions on the ground.”



Bestselling author Stephen Strang says, “There are evil forces . . . It’s what the BIble calls Spiritual warfare” - “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” Romans 8:18


“He loved Assyria, he loved his people and he loved his family” said his brother in law. “He served everyone and now, with this sudden development we are asking those he helped over the years to help his wife and three young children”.


Assistance is being requested to help the family suddenly left without support –  - help worldwide is being appealed to for his wife, son and two young daughters and to help them with the urgent situations they face and help with their legal situation.


Amir George

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