China's Building Threat to the United States

China's Building Threat to the United States

The United States and the People’s Republic of China have a long and complicated relationship. It's a relationship that fluctuates between rivals, enemies, or collaborators. Recently, it has become all too clear that America and China could be bordering on a hostile relationship. It's no secret that China wishes to dominate the world economically and militarily. China is now seen by many Americans as a major threat to the United States. 

Tensions Continue To Build in 2022

The Chinese Communist Party has been undermining the United States government for decades. The CCP has dedicated these years to gathering power to displace America as “the world’s greatest power.” And the tension continues to increase in 2022. The Bejing Winter Olympics was the first sign of cracks this year. The United States and other allies boycotted sending government officials to China. As a result, China said that the United States and other boycotting nations would pay the price. 

You can pretty much go down the list; China’s leader Xi Jinping codling and empowering Putin, China’s refusal to facilitate research into the origins of Covid 19, as well as, China and the United States continued to have conflicts over human rights issues surrounding the Uyghur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region. And there is more.

China Hoarding Resources

China has decided to become a dragon. Over the last couple of years, China has been buying up resources from other countries. China has approached Africa and Latin America, investing money and signing trade agreements for their oil, lumber, and other domestic resources. In addition, China has started deep pacific drilling. 

All of these natural resources are being hoarded by the People’s Republic of China, which makes the global trade market unstable. It also puts the U.S. in great danger.

Conflict Over Taiwan

China’s obsession with the “reunification” of Taiwan has been going on for years. Although Taiwan has never been part of the People’s Republic of China. However, they believe that Taiwan belongs to them. While Taiwan has had debates between unification or independence, Chinese military aggression has taken away any chance of Taiwan joining willingly. 

In 2021, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army flew a record amount of airplanes - some carrying nuclear weapons - over Taiwan. President Xi Jinping made declarations that it would smash any attempts of Taiwan to gain independence. This aggression led the United States to stand up for their ally, promising swift military action if China would invade Taiwan. The conflict between China and Taiwan has escalated to the point that the United States may have to engage militarily. There’s one problem with this posturing, however, Joe Biden, not Donald Trump is in the Whitehouse.

Biden is Soft on China

While Democrats and Republicans are in agreement that there is no room to be soft with China, Joe Biden seems to have missed the memo. It would be more accurate to say that the current president is submissive to China. Without a doubt, there is a serious issue surrounding the Biden family and China. His position early on with calling President Trump Xenophobic when he referred to Covid 19 as the  “China virus” was telltale. His apparent support for our adversary did not diminish as president, over the last two years Biden has: 

  • Diverted over a million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to send to a Chinese state-run oil company
  • Disbanded the Trump-era China Initiative that focuses on reducing economic espionage attacks from China
  • Revoked Trump’s executive orders affecting Tik-Tok, and selling the Chinese-owned social media site to an American-owned company. The replacement orders effectively shelved the plan to sell it indefinitely. Tik-Tok has access to users’ personal data in the U.S and is used in social engineering.
  • Gave license for a Chinese company to purchase chips used in automobile manufacturing
  • Made plans to Remove Tariffs that will not do anything to help inflationary pressures
  • Purchase thousands of acres, of farmland and properties in the United States, some near military installations.

These are just some of the more suspect things Biden has done after coming into office. The jury is still out (and there probably won't be one, but that’s a different topic) on just how much the Biden family is beholding to Chinese interest. Regardless, this amount of appeasement toward China is giving the perception that the United States will bend the knee to China on any issue.

China is a Problem

China has been a problem for decades for the United States. After WWII they were considered a direct enemy. However,  that changed first after the Open Door Policy was enacted in 1980 and then took a real turn after normalizing trade relations in 2000. The threat has been building with technology and intellectual property theft, University, and social influences culminating with Covid 19 virus coverup. History has proven that if you roll over, you get rolled over. It’s time to take off the kid gloves and play hardball. 

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