California is Crazy and It’s Spreading

California is Crazy and It’s Spreading

Just recently, California instituted a plan to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035. The ambitious plans had plenty of critics, whose criticism was justified days later. Almost immediately after the plan was announced,  the state pleaded with residents to dial back their use of electricity and even stop charging their electric cars. So, if the definition of insanity is “repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results” then what we see in California is just plain crazy!

California’s Plan to Ban Gas-Powered Cars

Considering the green energy initiatives that the government is forcing through, it is no surprise that California is ready to push its own agenda. The California Air Resources Board approved the sweeping Advanced Clean Cars II act. This act will phase out gas-powered vehicles over the next 10 years. According to the plan, the quotas over the next few years include: 

  • 35% zero-emission vehicles by 2026
  • 51% zero-emission vehicles by 2028
  • 68% zero-emission vehicles by 2030
  • 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2035

This ambitious plan has many critics wondering if California has the ability to enact such an agenda. The answer to that question came quickly after a massive heatwave hit the state. 

Things are Already Falling Apart

On September 1st, the Golden State begged its citizens to stop charging their electric vehicles and using large appliances. The California Independent System Operator, who maintains the power grid, has warned that “extreme heat” during Labor Day Weekend will stain the power grid. As a result, California officials are telling citizens to stop using appliances and charging vehicles during peak usage times (4 pm - 9 pm). 

Although it is voluntary at the moment, the state made it clear that if people do not comply, they would apply scheduled blackouts to preserve energy. This brings out a fatal flaw in the Advanced Clear Cars II act. The state’s power grid is unable to handle the current electric vehicles and appliances being used on a daily basis. Yet, they are willing to use authoritarian methods on their citizens to try and make that goal a reality. Unfortunately, it isn’t just California. Other states are taking the overstep and facing the effect.

Looks Like Crazy Is Contagious

It seems California is not the only one going the authoritarian route. When thousand Xcel customers in Colorado adjusted their thermostats, they realized they were locked out. Customers were given a message that stated that due to an “energy emergency” they were locked from changing the temperature. After these customers complained about the situation, Xcel confirmed that 22,000 people who had signed up for Colorado AC Rewards were locked out of their thermostats. 

According to Xcel's vice-president of customer solutions, Emmett Romaine, these customers signed away some “control” to save energy and money while making the electric system more reliable.

It's a voluntary program. Let's remember that this is something that customers choose to be a part of based on the incentives…So, it helps everybody for people to participate in these programs. It is a bit uncomfortable for a short period of time, but it's very, very helpful

Contrary to what Xcel is saying, customers have stated that they did not give permission to give them this much control. 

The Pace of Change Is Unrealistic

Although the Left is praising California for setting the pace for transitioning to zero emissions, the current events show that our nation is completely unprepared to handle the extremity of these proclamations. Over a million Californians drive electric cars today. How is the electric grid going to handle more vehicles if it cannot handle the current number? 

This Defies Reality

First, they need to make a feasible plan to improve the power grid. It doesn't happen any other way. Beyond that, there is the question of if they are really improving anything. The current state of battery technology brings in a host of other environmental considerations not to mention the fact that China supplies most of those materials. Despite this, California’s governor who obviously has ambitions outside of his state continues to double down on this agenda. Hmmm, perhaps they are insane.

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