BREAKING: Wisconsin Becomes Ground Zero in 2020 Election Fraud Investigation

BREAKING: Wisconsin Becomes Ground Zero in 2020 Election Fraud Investigation

With mounting evidence showing election mismanagement in Atlanta, the exploitation of nursing home residents for votes, and 50,000 questionable ballots in Arizona in addition to a growing number of criminal cases for illegal ballot harvesting and votes from prison inmates, it’s no wonder why Wisconsin has become ground zero in the investigation of fraud in the 2020 election. 

Big Tech sources like Google, YouTube, FaceBook, and the mainstream left-wing media continue to divert their viewers and users from the evidence of fraud in the Wisconsin 2020 election, often using bogus “fact-check” claims to hide the truth. Yet, even the local Wisconsin Sheriff department, in a December 2nd nationally televised news conference, has come forward with allegations of evidence of felony crimes involving ballots sent to nursing home residents. According to a Just the News report, “Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said his investigators have secured evidence that eight out of 42 residents at a local nursing home had been recorded as casting absentee ballots that their families said was not possible because the residents didn't possess the cognitive ability to vote.” (See Full Report)

This is why it is imperative that we all raise our voices about the 2020 elections! It all starts with Wisconsin Republican Assemblyman Timothy S.Ramthun who has formally proposed to decertify Wisconsin’s election results and reclaim the state’s electors. Rep Ramthun needs just one Senator to join him in this historic action. Call your Senator today and tell them you support Rep Ramthun’s proposition to decertify! (Wisconsin: Call or Email Your Senators: See Directory of Contact information HERE)

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