Border Wars: Abbott vs Biden

Border Wars: Abbott vs Biden

It is no secret that the Border Crisis has caused a lot of tension on the state and federal levels. Nothing shows this tension more clearly than the constant battles between President Joe Biden and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The tension over the border is so great that it has led to battles all over the United States, including some lawsuits. 

Shots Fired with Legal Battles

Biden Administration Sues Texas: Border Enforcement

One of the first conflicts between Biden and Abbott occurred in 2021. The world was still in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet the Biden Administration refused to mandate vaccinations for migrants. As a result, COVID-positive migrants were entering the country and spreading the virus. 

To Abbott, Biden was jeopardizing the health and safety of Texans. This led the Texas governor to pass an order that would prohibit anyone except federal, state, and local law enforcement from transporting illegal immigrants detained attempting to cross the border. The order was an attempt to reduce COVID-19 cases and reduce the burden on the community. However, the Biden administration had a meltdown. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed that the governor’s order was “dangerous,” highlighting that it was unconstitutional and interfering with the functions of the federal government. It also led to claims of violation of civil rights and racism. The Biden administration then sued Texas because Abbott would not resend the order. Then it was Abbott’s turn.

Abbott Sues Biden Administration: Vaccine Mandates

At the beginning of 2022, Abbott and Biden were already at each other's throats over vaccine mandates. In January, Biden signed an order that would force National guardsmen to get vaccines. This instantly caused a conflict with Abbott. Although the President can enforce this mandate on military personnel, his power does not extend to the National Guard or the Reserves. 

Unless the National Guard is federalized, the president is not the commander-in-chief of these forces. The President’s order violates the authority of the governor, who holds the position of commander-in-chief for the National Guard. Biden’s decree ignored the fact that such an order would cripple the National Guard by requiring a vaccine to do their duty.

Migrants Overrun Border Towns

One of the biggest conflicts between Abbott vs. Biden is a direct result of the border crisis. Texas border patrol estimates that thousands of migrants cross over the border per day. This is causing major issues with border towns in Texas that are being overwhelmed and overrun. Illegal migrants cross the Rio Grande River where many of them drown. As a result,  funeral homes in the area are flooded with illegal immigrants that drowned crossing the border. Some towns have started to use refrigerated trucks to store bodies. However, that is just a sad commentary on the situation. 

El Paso, Texas has thousands of migrants who have been dumped under bridges because the city has nowhere to house them. Homeless shelters and hotels are filled to capacity leading to migrants wandering the streets and making encampments. According to El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego:

The optics are very difficult; communities sort of panic. They feel it’s not safe anymore. El Paso is really developing as a place you want to come to. Tourism is starting to develop. People always comment on how you don’t see homeless on the streets. So we’re going to go from that to seeing people sleeping on the streets.

So, what did the Texas governor do in this situation? Well, he started sending them to other states. After all, border states shouldn’t bear the entire burden of this Biden policy disaster. 

Bringing the Border to Democrat-run Cities

Currently, the battle has moved to Democratic-run cities. Abbott started busing scores of migrants to Washington D.C,  New York, and Chicago. Much to the dismay of those city officials. Although the complaints are laughable, it has brought national attention. Make no mistake, this particular volley is designed to put pressure on Joe Biden and his “Border Czar” Kamala Harris. 

DeSantis Joins the Fight 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just sent two planeloads of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.  Officially stating this as a part of their effort to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary states. Obviously, it is designed to send a special message to Joe Biden through his most ardent supporters. The super-rich progressive elite class.

Will They Get the Message?

The New York Post reported that the Biden administration is quietly asking Mexico to take more migrants under title 42. Although they repeatedly claim they want to do away with it. That in itself isn’t near enough of course. The situation is getting worse with no real policy moves to stem the tide. 

In his latest move, Governor Abbott announced today that two buses with 100 migrants from six countries were dropped off at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence. Much like the war in Europe, it doesn’t appear this war will end any time soon.

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