Border Crisis: Political Agenda Leads to Catastrophe

Political agenda causes US border crisis

For the United States, immigration has been a foundation for the country. Although some people did not come to this nation by choice, America’s population is thanks to the vast amount of immigration. For hundreds of years, people have come to borders or immigration areas like Ellis Island to contribute to this nation’s growth. However, there has to be a process. Joe Biden’s Border Crisis is undermining the immigration system. Yet, the Democrat agenda is willfully ignoring this crisis and even promoting this dangerous practice. Let’s be clear...the Border Crisis undermines the legal process to immigration and continues because of the Democrat's political agenda.

Trump’s Border Policy

With all the noise people made about Trump’s Border Policies, these policies slowed the flow of undocumented immigrants and provided a safer way process overall. Trump’s border policies were game-changing. Asylum seekers from other South American countries could wait for Mexico during the process. This allowed the asylum seekers to get processed instead of rejected because of overcapacity within the borders.

In addition, Trump made agreements with Mexico, Honduras, El Salvator, and Guatemala to help reduce illegal immigration. On top of building the Southern Border wall, Trump’s policies started to establish a border that was fair and still kept national sovereignty. So, what happened? Well, Joe Biden.

In his efforts to undo Trump’s presidency of “hate,” Joe Biden decided to toss all of Trump’s immigration policies out of the window. However, this rush to remove Trump’s legacy has led to a catastrophe at the border. Without a doubt, the cause of this crisis is the Democrat’s political agenda that focuses more on their plan to change red states to blue than the safety of immigrants and citizens.

Political Agenda Caused The Border Crisis

Biden’s first days in office were dedicated to revoking all of Trump’s policies, especially his immigration ones. For years, media outlets were marketing at Trump’s border policy as cruel and full of fear. So, of course the policies had to be removed. After dedicating so much time developing this political agenda about the evils of this border policy, they would come off as hypocrites for not removing it.

However, this decision to make the border part of their agenda has backfired. Why? Because Biden’s administration had NO SOLUTION OR PLAN to replace these policies. If people were actually looking at this logically, anyone could realize how stupid this was. When you are in a situation where you do not agree with the policy, you should come up with an improved policy to replace it. It’s like Jenga. You don’t just rip out whatever block you do not like without a plan. Cause you’ll cause the tower to collapse. This is what the Border Crisis is. 

Democrats decided to prioritize their political agenda when it came to the border and they caused everything to crash. And the consequences are easy to see.

Consequences of Political Agenda Over Policy

However, the border is not a Jenga game. There are real consequences to removing Trump’s immigration policies. Although the media spin this surge as a result of Trump’s immigration ‘suppression,’ the inability to control and maintain the border is the Biden Administration’s fault. 

There is no way to cover up how disastrous the situation is. There are floods of people at the Southern Border. It has caused many people entering the United States and put people at risk of being smuggled by human and drug traffickers. Not to mention the unchecked COVID-19" cases. Allies like Mexico have stated that Trump’s hard stance helps prevent the surge of migrants and other officials have been begging for the policy to be reinstated.

Keeping a strong, secure border is important and it should not be leveraged as a part of a political agenda. A country cannot function without a border and right now Biden has broken the U.S. southern border. It is time to stop making political sentiments and actually fix the problem. Although it seems they are already preparing to keep the crisis going, considering that they are trying to fund ‘free college’ for illegal migrants. Political agenda does not belong at our borders. A border policy does. 

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