Is Bitcoin Part of the Great Global Reset Strategy? | June 2021 Crypto Update


The Great Reset is a term that has taken on a prophetic aura, eerily reminding Christians of the end-time global system of intrusion and control that only the Anti-Christ can bring, according to an ancient prophecy in Revelation 13. There is nothing hidden about the globalist agenda to dethrone the US dollar and replace it with central bank digital currencies. This is where the globalist financial cabal and the invention of private digital money intersect.

Bitcoin was the first private currency to appear that was not backed by government. It was created by an anonymous person dubbed Satoshi Nakamoto to solve the problems of paper money--such as inflation, runaway public spending, in effect, state theft of private wealth. Only 21 million Bitcoin will ever be in existence and its limited-supply is making it an attractive store of value to those who distrust the government and its paper money “printed out of thin air.”

But questions surround Bitcoin’s future. Could it be regulated to death? China and India have tried to ban Bitcoin, but it had no effect. In countries with failed currencies like Venezuela and Argentina, Bitcoin is the people’s currency. Since Bitcoin was never government-approved and doesn’t depend on government, Bitcoin “maximalists” (those who hold their Bitcoins like religious adherents hold sacred objects) say ‘nothing can kill Bitcoin.’

(On the flip side, one could make the argument that Bitcoin could go to zero on the narrative that it’s ‘not climate friendly.’ The truth is, any industry on earth is consuming more energy than Bitcoin, including the traditional banks, gold mining, and the US military. They are energy-eating elephants; Bitcoin is a little mouse. But the narrative may prevail to pave the way to a preferred, centralized digital currency controlled by the government and/or the banks.)

Elon Musk announced in April 2021 that Tesla would accept Bitcoin as payment for electric cars, then retracted in May 2021. As a medium of exchange, its value has fluctuated wildly.

Hodlers (HODL means “hold on for dear life”) have been put on a roller coaster. The digital asset’s price reached an all time high (ATH) of $19,783 on Dec 17, 2017, then dove down to below $3,300 on Dec 7, 2018, and stayed in “crypto winter,” a 2-year period of stagnation before it climbed up above its previous all time high, reaching $19,850 on Nov 30, 2020. Since then, traditional investors predicted doom, a double top, and death for the coin that refused to pay attention to naysayers.

Bitcoin hit its all time high of $64,805 on April 10, 2021, then “crashed” to below $30,000 on May 19, 2021. As Bitcoin is the leader of the pack, most alt-coins (the other crypto currencies created after Bitcoin) lost 50% or more of their value. Battle-hardened crypto investors who lived through the crypto winter of 2018 didn’t flinch and wouldn’t give up their bitcoins. But for crypto newbies, a 50% “correction” is a heart-stopping, stomach-churning ride.

Does this current “crash” mean the end of cryptocurrencies? No, says one pastor in Australia.

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti is “pastoring people through crypto” as he says it’s a minefield full of scams and unregulated territory. After helping many people who have been through scams, he wrote a book about it, “Scam Proof Your Life in the End Times: Justice and Restoration for Christians.”

He says, “Christians should treat cryptocurrency no differently than they would any other asset--they should not be dishonest with it, they should pay taxes, and they should give to God. With crypto, it’s to your advantage to give 10% of your coins before the price goes up, because it minimizes your capital gains, which benefits you and the church when the price goes up.” Rather than being fearful of new technology, Pastor Cioccolanti has been telling Christians since 2017 to get educated, not get greedy, and allocate some for generosity, charity and the benefit of building the Kingdom.

Here are two reasons why he believes this 2021 crypto crash looks different from anything we’ve seen before:

  1. The altcoins did not follow Bitcoin’s parabolic move up to 60k. In the past, the altcoins tended to follow BTC’s movements, but this time they did not. There may come a divergence between Bitcoin and some of new coins with real case use, low transaction cost and efficient energy consumption.
  2. The big institutions have come into the industry like PayPal, Goldman Sachs, Citibank and others. These big players write the rules that take the wealth of the retail investors and pocket it for themselves. Christians have to be wise and not “go all in” or “bet the house.” These big institutions tend to shake the small players out and scoop up assets when they’re cheap. Their involvement suggests even if Bitcoin may one day be replaced by some other crypto, digital assets are here to stay.

So how does this relate to the Global Reset Agenda? One of the biggest pieces of news that Christians have missed is the phenomenon of “negative interest rates.” The Danish bank, Jyske Bank, has implemented the world’s first negative interest rate starting back in 2019. That means that you pay the bank for keeping your cash there. In other words, the banks are stealing from the savers.

This is one of the aims of the Global Reset. They want to find new ways to make you pay more taxes. Carbon credits and green taxes are only one way. Not everyone has been willing to pay “their fair share.” A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) would solve this problem for the Anti-Christ system. With a US Fed Coin (let’s call it), the government can track your every movement, decision and even sway you.

Let’s say you are about to buy an ice cream and the government thinks you’re too fat, they can halt your digital transaction. Let’s say you saved too much money and the government wants you to spend it to “stimulate the economy,” the government can announce that your digital dollar is going to “expire.”

The greatest aim of an Anti-Christ government is control. They want to control you as a human being, whereas God wants to liberate you from your sins and bondages. Jesus’s plan is to bring justice and peace on the Earth, but much of His church is like the five sleeping virgins.

Digital assets were created by private people to be the solution to government control. Those in power know that they may lose their grip on money if they do not appropriate the technology for their use. But we, the People who know our God, don’t have to let the Anti-Christ rule over us.

Digital assets, like your personal digital information, should be a human right that is secured in a new Bill of Digital Rights. A pathway to this missing bill of rights is the subject of an entire chapter in Pastor Cioccolanti’s prescient book published in the beginning of 2020, “Trump’s Unfinished Business: 10 Prophecies to Save America.”

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