Big Tech is Trying to Silence Conservative Voices But We Refuse to Shut Up!

Big Tech is Trying to Silence Conservative Voices But We Refuse to Shut Up!

I've gotten so many emails from Conservatives that can no longer find me online. They regularly watched the CBJ Real News Podcast Show, but now, it's just disappeared!

This is Big Tech Censorship at its finest and yes, I know every Conservative is dealing with it, but not like this...

YouTube TERMINATED my channel. Over 5,400 videos and hundreds of thousands of dollars of video work GONE forever. Yes, they have an appeal process, but of course my appeal was denied. 

This is what you see now when you try to view my videos...

YouTube Terminated John Di Lemme

Social media czars stop all notifications to my followers and make it impossible to find my livestreams. My CBJ Real News Show went from 20,000 to 50,000 views per night to maybe a few hundred if I'm lucky.

Before Censorship, 48,000 views...John Di Lemme Before Censorship

After Censorship, only 230 views...

John Di Lemme After Censorship

All ad campaigns on Facebook have been restricted.

John Di Lemme Restricted on Facebook

Google demonetized my account more than once and provided nothing more than a bogus explanation.

John Di Lemme Restricted on Google Adsense

LinkedIn even kicked me off their platform... who gets kicked off of LinkedIn???

John Di Lemme Kicked Off of LinkedIn

Now, I know you're reading this saying and saying to yourself...

"John, what did YOU do?"

Profanity or any lewd subject matter during your Shows?  NO!

Conspiracy theories? NO! It's not a conspiracy when it's back by facts.

Slandering or attacking others? NO!

Are you a racist? NO! That's just absurd.

You want to know why I'm being attacked by the radical left Big Tech...

I'm a White, Christian, Conservative American that believes in the Judeo-Christian values that America was founded on.

Yes, I'm guilty as charged of being...

White.  Actually, I'm Italian and my grandparents came on a boat from Italy.

Christian.  I'm not a Bible thumper, but a Bible believing, Born Again Warrior in Christ!

Conservative.  I am unashamedly Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Israel, Pro-Capitalism, and Pro-Faith.

American. I'm a legal American citizen that believes in LEGAL immigration and putting America First

That's EXACTLY why I'm being censored!

Let's be clear...

I don't care what the radical left does to me. I'm a fighter and refuse to be silenced.

At a recent event, I was talking to General Michael Flynn about big tech censorship and what's happened to me personally.

He said, "They are trying to strangle your business to death."

And if anyone knows about the attacks of the liberal left, it's definitely General Flynn!

Like I said, I refuse to give up or be silenced...

But what cuts me to my core is that people like you are being blocked from receiving the Real News that I expose every day.

That's why the Big Tech or as I call them "Baby Tech" is afraid of...

They are so afraid of the truth being exposed that they throw tantrums and block anyone that is a threat to their liberal dominance.

Our team has many things in the works to fight the censorship and of course, we are also on other platforms that aren't ran by liberals.

But what else can we do?

Stand up and fight back together! While Big Tech and the radical left may be able to censor us online, they can't take away our ability to connect with each other face to face.

Well, they did give it a good try with the covid lockdowns and kept us stuck at home, but we've grown wise to their communist tactics.

Divided we are doomed to fall as a nation, but when we unite, there's nothing they can do to stop us.

That's exactly why I'm hosting the *We The People Fight Back Event* on April 23 & 24, 2021 in Naples, Florida.

We The People Fight Back Event

Patriots from 17 states are traveling to beautiful South Florida to be educated, empowered, and get to hang out with liked-minded Conservatives that love America.

Yes! A LIVE Conservative event free from the restrictive nonsense and liberal attacks especially since our Governor is Ron DeSantis.

The question that I hear at least a hundred times a week of "What can I do to fight back?" will be answered by our Speakers including former ICE Director Tom Homan and former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik.

To join us at the *We the People Fight Back Event*, Call/Text (561) 847-3467 or Email [email protected] or simply go to 

Let's Keep America Great and Safe from Socialist Together!

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