Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Impacts Low-income Families

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Impacts Low-income Families

When Joe Biden, the incompetent occupier of the White House, announced the enforcement of federal vaccine mandates Thursday, it was yet another moment that proves that he is indeed an illegitimate President without a shred of compassion or consideration for the citizens of the United States of America! The very people who were claimed to be disproportionately affected by the pandemic are now in the fight of their lives against a Biden regime that seeks to attack their very livelihood; camouflaged under the guise of “we’re just trying save lives”, according to a recent Jen Psaki press release statement

Despite his claims last year that he would never force Americans to get a COVID-19 vaccine, Joe Biden did exactly what all Democrats have done for decades; he lied! He made an empty promise, pandering on the ignorance of all those who voted for him. Now, hard working low-income Americans who earn less than $25,ooo per year will be disproportionately harmed by this draconian mandate; as a recently published Census Bureau data report clearly shows ,nearly one in four Americans who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine are in the lowest income bracket.

What can we do amidst this overwhelming evil that seeks to destroy life as we know it? This is the moment that private and commercial companies must take a stand against these unconstitutional mandates, and we all must refuse to comply. We are at the precipice of a moment in history that seeks to destroy life as we know it. Regardless of your political affiliation, we all must stand against the elites of this world who’s agenda continues to grow more nefariously evil as each day passes! The Biden regime has declared war on all who oppose the Democrat narrative and now we all must make the decision about what side of history we will stand on!

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