Biden Ignored, Booed, Fingered At Memorial Day Events


Biden Ignored, Booed Fingered At Memorial Day Events

Multiple extremely low flyovers by former Senator Joe Biden on Marine One, over various Memorial Day events were complete ignored by attendees and booed and fingers were pointed in the air towards Marine One as it closely came by

The market clearly spoke at the complete lack of any Biden T-shirt’s, goods and other goods leading one stand operator to say, “I have sold just one Biden T-shirt - when the President comes we have to call in extra help to care for all the T-shirt’s, caps, flags and multiple MAGA goods that people line up to get”.

In contrast, such flyovers by President Donald J. Trump were immediately met by cheers, waving flags and loud response and dozens of stands selling MAGA goods to an enthusiastic, joyful crowd that would roar in approval every time the President would fly over in Marine One with the President so close he could be seen from the ground.

The morning festivities began with a ceremony at the World War II Memorial led by the Armed Forces Color Guard with the United States Army Brass Quintet and a moving opening prayer lead by Chaplain Thomas O’Flanagan saying, “We thank God for the sacrifice of these over 400,000 who gave their lives for our country and pray for their families”.

Following the introduction of nine World War II veterans a solemn Wreath laying ceremony was held under clear, bright skies leading Al a Viet Nam Veteran to say “I come here all the time. Most people are unaware that over 400,000 died in World War II and there is a movement ongoing to set up an Iraq/Afghanistan memorial as well as putting up the names of all lost World War II.”

He continues with concern about the lack of understanding of Memorial Day and it’s importance saying, “when I am here we often have school groups and others and I am saddened at the complete lack of knowledge they have of our nations history”echoing the scripture in Romans 13:7 “Render to all what is due them . . . honor to whom honor.”

Memorial Day honors those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defending freedom, a freedom that is based on the freedom of men and women to elect their leaders and the reaction of the people clearly indicate that the battle for that freedom is not over and in many ways has moved domestically as patriots strive to beseech God for the restoration that the flyovers clearly demonstrate must come.

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