Believers Lead Rally


Believers Lead Rally for Freedom

Opening with prayer, the pledge of allegiance and the singing of the national anthem, an estimated nearly 500 people filled the place in front of the Capitol for the “Justice J6” rally in Washington DC.

“Say their names - Ashley Babbit and Roseanne Boylan’s” said director of Citizens Against Political Persecution, Cara Castronuova who, troubled that 595 people who participated in the peaceful demonstration on January 6th have been arrested so far with charges that at the worst times in the normal Capitol operations are a small fine.

Most people are unaware that individuals are regularly arrested in the Capitol for violent sit ins, for occupying offices - always, without exception let go with a fine at worst, usually simply escorted out, providing the foundation for the rally - the shocking dual justice system, a clear case of third world dictatorship political persecution with many still in prison nine months later.

Ashley Babbitt and Roseanne Borland were the only two killed at the January 6 rally, with Ashley Babbitt shot point blank, being no threat by rogue Capitol Police officer Mike Byrd with a long history of misuse of weapon and fellow protester Roseanne Borland, beaten by Metropolitan Police officers according to newly released direct testimony, announced by Castronuova from the podium to the astonished crowd.

Director of Look Ahead America, former campaign staffer for President Donald J. Trump Matt Braynard led the rally and Congressional Candidates Joe Kent of Washington and Mike Collins of Georgis, spoke of the importance of the first Ammendment.

The rally wound down with videos shown on the big screen which showed numerous events where individuals overwhelmed the Capitol, occupied congressional offices, violently attacked police in the Capitol, including Sandy Ocasio Cortez, illustrating the key reason for the rally - the two tiered justice system where decades of often violent events in the Capitol routinely end with a simple fine, whereas the 595 arrested, many have been jailed in solitary confinement with reports of beatings and extreme treatment in the Washington DC jail in particular, with a recent report of one individual nearly beaten to death, losing the use of one eye after having been cursed and beaten.

Braynard said, “This is America - it is supposed to be equal justice under the law. If we don’t stand up there will never be a chance to stand up” urging supporters to join the upcoming nationwide rallies demanding immediate freedom for the peaceful participants of the January 6 rally, many going on their ninth month in prison.

Isaiah 1:17 says “Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause”.

Believers are being asked to support the 695 unjustly in prayer and contact their representatives demanding their immediate release at American be brought home to: The White House - 202 456 1414

The State Department - 202 647 4000

The Senate/Congress 202 225 3121(Demand to be connected to your congressman/senator) and 

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