Are You Ready for the Liberal World Order?

Are You Ready for the Liberal World Order?

For a long time, the concept of the Liberal World Order was dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Something that people in tinfoil hats would say. Yet, it seems like it is not just a conspiracy. At least according to the Biden administration. When one of Biden’s advisors was asked about the relief for families unable to afford the rising gas prices, the advisor stated in part: “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm.” 

So, what is the Liberal World Order? 

What Is the Liberal World Order?

The Liberal World Order is often designated as a conspiracy theory about a secretive global authority that is seeking to control the world under totalitarian rule. This regime wants to strip the sovereignty of nations and take away the freedom of the people. All these attempts are disguised as traditionally liberal values. It is the opposite of “America First.” It focuses on making nations sacrifice the well-being of their citizens to create a totalitarian world order instead. 

The European Union: A Glimpse Into the Liberal World Order

To show what a Liberal World Order looks like, we can start by looking at the European Union. The European Union is a textbook example of the Liberal World Order and all of its problems. Just like how the United States is a great experiment in a democratic republic, the European Union is a great experiment for the Liberal World Order. The EU focuses on “shared sovereignty” amongst its nations. 

As such, this “shared sovereignty” means that countries in the European Union cannot have complete sovereignty. Instead, laws made by the European Union take precedence over the national laws of individual countries. Even if they disadvantage that country in the long run. In addition, the switch to the Euro has created economic instability in countries like Greece and Portugal where productivity lags the richer countries in the EU. 

European Neoliberalism is what is supposed to keep these countries united and improve lives. Yet, it is failing as poverty increases in the EU because of their policies. In particular, are the young people who struggle to enter the workforce.  It caused so much discontent that it led to Britain voting to leave the EU in what is known as Brexit. The European Union regulates everything and everyday citizens have no ability to control their lives. 

Biden Administration Focus on the Liberal World Order

Considering one of Biden’s advisors admitted that everything is about the Liberal World Order, it appears the administration full-on supports it. The statement made is cold, and callous with disregard for the suffering of the American people. However, it does follow how many countries are implementing green energy initiatives that are harming their own civilians. Meanwhile, our president is systematically dismantling our domestic energy independence and then giving a portion of America’s strategic oil reserves to China. 

Another example is the careless disregard of national sovereignty in the border crisis. Since his inauguration, Joe Biden has allowed millions of undocumented immigrants into the country. For any country that cares about its sovereignty, having a strong border is essential. However, a country’s sovereignty is weakened when borders are not maintained and allows people with no legal rights to enter the country. 

While the American people are suffering shortages in essentials like food, baby formula, and other needs, it seems like citizens are expected to suffer. Instead of easing restrictions to allow resources to grow, the Biden administration continues to take actions to restrict the market. The expectations seem to endure the suffering for the “greater good.” However, this “greater good” is for a world order that does not care about who has to suffer to make this ideal totalitarian state a reality.

Fight Against the Liberal World Order

No matter how you spin it. The Liberal World Order is antithetical to everything the United States stands for. Yet, the Biden administration wants to work towards a system that would strip away the United States' sovereignty and the rights of the American people. This path will put the needs of the American people last compared to the agenda of others. We need to push back against this effort at every level. 

We all want to improve this world and Americans are the most generous people in the world. Why do they believe you have to tear down everything first before being able to improve it? Unfortunately, it speaks to their true motivation, which is power and control over society.

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